31st January 2017

Roasting will be better, for sure

“You’re fired!” was the punch line in his previous job. After all, he was running a reality TV show, where he played the merciless boss. Now he has a new job title, but the skills from his last gig have already come in handy. Last night, the president fired the attorney general (acting) as well as the person responsible for immigration policies. After all, in the private sector, one doesn’t agree with the boss and get away with it. Why would high-level public service be any different?

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30th January 2017

A play-for-pay review

I’m a consumer. Like pretty much everyone I know. I purchase things, not always necessary, within the limits of my own finances. And, given the current models of commerce, I shop online. Which brings me to the next point. I also need advice, to allow me to get the maximum value for my limited dollars, and so I tend to read the reviews left by my peers.

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29th January 2017

Life in a dystopian novel

What to do, when the news channel seems to be screening a dystopian film? Should I start stocking up on the tins, like a demented prepper (that’s not the same as a preppie)? Should I get to work on my solar panel array now, before the cloud of despair from the world screens out the sun? Or just pet the dog, and turn back to the keyboard (computer or piano, it doesn’t much matter)?

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28th January 2017

Update my list

No, really. I know where the lightswitch is located. I’m sitting in the darkness because I choose to.

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27th January 2017

Park avoidance

Our national parkland authority has issued a report, confirming that half of the reserved lands are now in “fair or poor” condition. The downturn is due, for the main, to the installations of facilities for needy humans. If I might offer a solution: go back to treating the reserves as parks, and let only those that are prepared come to visit. The land won’t lose any value, and we don’t need to have a coffee bar for everyone.

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26th January 2017

Advancing the hands on their clock

If others are also “on edge”, this doesn’t count as paranoia. The new trends in governance have a lot of people worried about the direction society is taking. Even the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has entered the conversation, by advancing the hands on their Doomsday Clock. As of today, we’re “two and a half minutes away from midnight”. Or, in common terms, back to where we stood in the 1950’s, when the threat of annihilation by mad politicians was at a peak. Reflect on that, please.

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25th January 2017

A non-standard version of a standard

Standards are just ideas, in the part of the software world I frequent. I have/had a wonderful little app for displaying my GEDCOM that suddenly stopped working. This was a transfer mechanism, to get data from the PC onto iOS, and my PC version hasn’t changed in close to two decades. I imported the file into another PC program, exported the file back out (in what is called a “standard”) and was able to import back into iOS without a hiccup. On the developer’s site, no mention of anything changed, so I’m going to go with “no explanation available”. And carry on.

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24th January 2017

I deserve an award, too

It’s  been a few days; hardly enough to tell if the trend will continue, but… the new leader has managed to make his country great again. A great source of humour. Go ahead. Check out social media. Or mainstream media. Or late night TV. Rarely have so many comedic routines written themselves. And who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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23rd January 2017

Improved glass wall content

I wish my education had included more “civics”, as it used to be called. I’d like to have a better understanding of political process. Beyond the whole “vote every few years and be quiet the rest of time”, if that helps.

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22nd January 2017

A long way from the county line

Spent the last couple of hours taking care of a small roast of beef. Smells good, but I’ve decided to up my game for the next time. I went on Amazon and ordered one of those seven-position roaster racks.

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