24th May 2017

No free RV for you, or me

Slap my fingers time. I have managed to “lock” this site, but have little/no idea how long the restriction will be in place. I’ll write, and then see what happens in a few hours. In a worst-case scenario, I uninstall and reinstall some software.

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16th May 2017

Bumping the camera along

This was a meeting evening. Community service, with a chance to practice my penmanship. In a perfect world, I’d bring along a laptop and do my official recording direct to file; this is not a perfect anything. By scribbling, I extend my workload (decrypting, in large part), but it saves having to volunteer as the go-to IT guy at a time of the day when I would prefer to kick back. I don’t have to prepare the agenda, which is a blessing in so many ways. Just pay attention and take notes, like the good old days in one of those classes in university.

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14th May 2017

Don’t forget the fada, eh?

The budget rules, in this house, have a single rule. If you are replacing something that you already own, the cost doesn’t count as a splurge. You’re just maintaining the status quo. Making a mad dash on a sunny day, to pick up something in the city is OK. And it requires a household to do things like that. Otherwise, the dog might miss out on most roadtrips. Yes, the Apple count here is up, but that’s only for the moment.

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11th May 2017

Almost a diploma

Seems like ages ago, now. I pledged a token amount of money toward the eventual “making of a movie” for some local talent. Today, in the mail, an envelope. Inside, stickers. I guess it must be the thought that counts.

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25th April 2017

Unfamiliar names

With new bison babies in Banff and Steve in the sky, Alberta had the two closing stories on this evening’s newscast. I’m impressed. Much kinder than raging superfires and spilled petro-goo. Meanwhile, locally… hold on, I’m checking. Oh, right. We have rented a larger hall to say goodbye to our newscast guys later this week. Perhaps, if they’d found their own version of nicer, we wouldn’t be saying goodbye.

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21st April 2017

A trivial night

We did it! Tip-to-tip today. A round trip time in excess of nine hours, although we did stop to visit some stuff. Oh, and order the deck furniture. A good day, actually. We saw blankets being made, and yarn being spun. We caught a glimpse of the lighthouse on the sandbar. Even the dog seemed satisfied.

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19th March 2017

Rightful rebuttals

Another rodent taxi trip this morning. There’s no way that yesterday’s passengers have made their return journey that fast, so I continue to believe that my population reduction is working. I know, I’m just a simple human, up against a much wilier force of nature.

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3rd March 2017

Binary options?

High on that list of things to not take for granted: spring weather. Why, only yesterday, the media pointed out that we were experiencing the warmest temperatures ever recorded for the date. Today? School start delayed, a new layer of snow and roads that were iffy. I mean, I didn’t drive ALL the roads, but the trip from here to the grocery was not exactly fun. Better keep the boots out for a bit, and the change to summer tires will be in summer. Life in the great white North. Oh, and based on a grammar meme, that is not “white great North”.

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13th February 2017

Too old to party?

Could it be that I’m “too old to party”? After watching this evening’s Marketplace episode, I feel sure that I could never keep up with the pace presented by students on unsupervised school trips. I say that, even with the years of experience I racked up, back in the day.

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26th January 2017

Advancing the hands on their clock

If others are also “on edge”, this doesn’t count as paranoia. The new trends in governance have a lot of people worried about the direction society is taking. Even the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has entered the conversation, by advancing the hands on their Doomsday Clock. As of today, we’re “two and a half minutes away from midnight”. Or, in common terms, back to where we stood in the 1950’s, when the threat of annihilation by mad politicians was at a peak. Reflect on that, please.

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