11th January 2018

Some chemical C and a chase through the nation

Seems like a lifetime ago, that I read about the research presented by Linus Pauling. A little Vitamin C and you could live forever, or at least avoid the near occasions of death by head cold. Of course, the doctor didn’t live forever. And it turns out that the Vitamin C idea was a profit center for the citrus industry. When I was offered an alternative method of “getting my C” that didn’t involve peeling a pile of over-ripe fruit, I opted in. Forthwith, a tall glass of something that didn’t smell particularly Florida-fresh was at my place.

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20th December 2017

Good news for my eye

One advantage to choosing a hotel close to our destination was that we could leave the car, parked and guarded by the dog. We simply walked several blocks, managing to avoid the near-death experience of black ice. Once inside the health complex, I played with their self-registration kiosk, and accepted that my “other province” status merited an interview with a real human attendant.

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18th December 2017

Upped the meds

Still early in the day (supper yet to come) but I’m in a preemptive mode. This cold is degenerating, so I’ve upped the meds. Moved past the simple pill to tried-and-true bluish Benylin. Sleep will follow.

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15th December 2017

Back in the germ puddle

I suspect the little kid. The one I haven’t seen. After several years away from contact with the “germ pool”, we’re right back in the puddle, and today I woke up with that telltale sign of being puddled. My nose; in full drip mode. Now, recent research confirms that a “man cold” really is worse than others believe. I just know that I’ll be back to bed, really soon. And as for other advances in medical knowledge, we now are supposed to “feed a cold AND feed a fever”. At a minimum, attempt to replace the constant loss of fluids (see full drip).

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31st October 2017

In anticipation of new holes

Activity paused: the night of the great candy giveaway has started, and we’ve already had two or three batches of kids at the door. They’re all wearing masks, and perhaps it is the same children swapping costumes out by the road, but I’m going to go with the “big numbers” idea. In any case, I won’t have to eat the whole treat purchase myself. In the country, depending on prevailing winds and wandering wildlife, a house can be forgotten.

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25th October 2017

Disappeared from the ceiling dance hall

A bit of a back ache; all that is needed to demonstrate just how poorly engineered the human body is. At least, for some. I’m almost done of the discomfort, due to my stubborn streak, but I can see how an ongoing bout would sap the strength. Bed isn’t the best place to spend the day.

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13th October 2017

If they were aurally acceptable

Hurrah! I got (my) shot, which should mean that the winter will be better. No need to lock myself in the basement, trying to avoid the unhealthy members of the herd. Didn’t get yours, yet? One can only ask why. The teeny-tiny needle didn’t hurt.

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8th October 2017

Three times as far

“Let’s go for a walk” (she says). “It’ll be fun” (she says). “Good for us all” (she says). The dog was probably right. I should have put on the brakes, right there. Not me, though. And now there’s a polite image on social media of the dog and myself, on a leafy trail, looking like we do this sort of thing all the time.

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30th July 2017

Cough stop

Several hours in to what feels like a hair caught in the back of my throat. I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired of trying to explain that it doesn’t feel like high blood pressure, or an allergic reaction to that witches’ brew of eye drops that will (thankfully) diminish now. What I really want is a good reason to go an sleep… as soon as the coughing drops off. End of rant.

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25th July 2017

New holes

I’ll go to bed, tonight, with a few more holes. Thirty-two, to be exact; I counted, while the laser pulsed on eye #2. I can still see, so my fears were unfounded.

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