13th October 2017

If they were aurally acceptable

Hurrah! I got (my) shot, which should mean that the winter will be better. No need to lock myself in the basement, trying to avoid the unhealthy members of the herd. Didn’t get yours, yet? One can only ask why. The teeny-tiny needle didn’t hurt.

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8th October 2017

Three times as far

“Let’s go for a walk” (she says). “It’ll be fun” (she says). “Good for us all” (she says). The dog was probably right. I should have put on the brakes, right there. Not me, though. And now there’s a polite image on social media of the dog and myself, on a leafy trail, looking like we do this sort of thing all the time.

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30th July 2017

Cough stop

Several hours in to what feels like a hair caught in the back of my throat. I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired of trying to explain that it doesn’t feel like high blood pressure, or an allergic reaction to that witches’ brew of eye drops that will (thankfully) diminish now. What I really want is a good reason to go an sleep… as soon as the coughing drops off. End of rant.

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25th July 2017

New holes

I’ll go to bed, tonight, with a few more holes. Thirty-two, to be exact; I counted, while the laser pulsed on eye #2. I can still see, so my fears were unfounded.

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22nd July 2017

A rich display of in-cloud colour

Yesterday featured some of the more interesting weather of the last few months. After my mentioning that we needed rain (12mm in 21 days), we received exactly that amount in the next few hours. There was a series of thunder moments. There was lovely weather around sunset (followed by more thunder moments). And finally, over a period of several hours after dark, we had a rich display of in-cloud colours from the lightning, out over the water.

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14th July 2017

Believe in the benefits

Right now, a breeze would be a blessing. The bugs have figured out where I live, and the lack of a cross-current means that sleeping under the stars would be tantamount to giving unlimited access to a new blood supply – mine. Not how I want to spend the night, so I’ll remain indoors. Besides, the night light keeps me safe.

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13th July 2017

Stared intently into each eye

Hurrah! Two days in a row, in the clinic, on time. The award of a a third date (next week) doesn’t even faze me. In Canada, my health care doesn’t require folding money or insurance that can be revoked because I actually need the coverage. Worth bragging about.

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12th July 2017

A really boring video game

This is the week where I get checked by the eye-doctor. Only happens a couple of times a year, so there was no way I wanted to miss any part of the adventure. Up, bright and early. Dressed, got a small sack of silver to pay the parking pirates and headed on down the highway. What with slow zones, the trip was a bit longer than usual, but I had scheduled such things into my big plan.

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4th May 2017

Isn’t everything pre-existing?

I don’t get it. That whole thing about being created equal, etc? Hard to apply it in view of that alternate species known as a Republican. Almost dystopian, to watch them “at work”. Today, one of the two major sections of American governance, the Congress, voted to alter their fledgling health care system. Among the big things, a decision to disallow pre-existing conditions when paying for assurable services.

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8th March 2017

A step closer to snow-gone

My web browser updated itself, and now everything is risky. Like having that robot that used to zoom around shouting “Danger, Will Robinson!” I know that my blog doesn’t offer encrypted logins; tried to fix it but the price is too high. I’m calling this “acceptable risk”, and having the browser loading additional educational pages to keep me warned is overkill.

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