23rd April 2017

A plus to procrastination

When it comes to getting certain things done, I’m not always proactive. In particular, service on the car. I don’t let that “service due soon” flag interrupt my calm nature. Oil changes are for the next visit to see my local garage guy. Getting the tires changed; sometimes, it pays to be late. This morning, we had a fresh new cover of snow, all around. If I’d changed over to summer rubber, that could have been problematic.

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22nd April 2017

Just a blur, to me

The glow from my laptop covered the change from late afternoon to “Wow! It’s really dark outside!” Just a question of a few hours and a rich vein of genealogical data, and I’m in charge of my own world. The dog checks by, once in a while; there could be a loose biscuit around. With the other half of the household off to convene with kindred spirits, I make my own fun, as they say.

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21st April 2017

A trivial night

We did it! Tip-to-tip today. A round trip time in excess of nine hours, although we did stop to visit some stuff. Oh, and order the deck furniture. A good day, actually. We saw blankets being made, and yarn being spun. We caught a glimpse of the lighthouse on the sandbar. Even the dog seemed satisfied.

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20th April 2017

Three hours, outbound

This is Canada; checking the weather forecast is part of our national identity. Right now, they’re getting flurries in the city, so the season changes are not according to any calendar printed off-Island. Before going off to explore distant points, I want to know that I can get home again. It’s easy to forget that important detail.

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19th April 2017

Put away your Sharpie, please

May I suggest that there be a lesson session (in electrician college) devoted to proper labels. In the breaker panel, at least. Put away your trusty Sharpie. Don’t scribble. Match the label to the circuit (otherwise the exercise is futile).

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18th April 2017

Assured the end of winter

Winter is over. I’ve made sure, by going over and paying off my snow removal contract for the season. Any further accumulation can just hug the ground until the melt finishes. Am I afraid of a sudden resurgence? Nah.

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17th April 2017

Not sold here, just yet

Advertising is supposed to convince the potential buyer that what is for sale is also needed. Or something simple, along those lines. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of ads for a product that I could use… specifically, an overpriced shingle-sized piece of cedar, to be used to scrape my BBQ. I’m willing to buy one, despite the ridiculous price point, if I can find one for sale. Oh, I know, online, etc. I want to see the thing, if only once, before I store my bristling brush and go for the smoky sensation of a  smoldering slab.

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16th April 2017

Need to number them

I miss the good old days. Specifically, that time in my life when today would have meant chocolate, presented in various animal shapes. Today, no ears on offer.

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15th April 2017

Rack it up

No diversion, or  perversion; no conversion… I am a personality with tendencies to introversion. My own company is satisfactory, much of the time. And when I cross over to the “dark side”, the social side, the decision is my own, when possible. That stated, I do socialize, from time to time.

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14th April 2017

Created out of almost nothing

After two full (and wonderful) summers, we’re ready for an upgrade. Standing around, trying to get that vitamin D, we admitted that some lawn furniture might be a good idea. But, what to buy? All of the different models we tried over a thirty year period had major flaws. Rust and a tendency to go airborne.

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