28th July 2017

Waiting for the story to wrap

This morning, I washed and dried a sweatshirt. Finding the cord that cinches the hood, out completely, showed that agitation does a “number” on things. The cord is back in place, but next time around I’ll secure the ends in a friendly knot.

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27th July 2017

Showcasing towns

I like my national TV network. Naysayers abstain; there’s content on there that just won’t be found elsewhere. This evening, I watched an episode of Still Standing, which does a decent job of showcasing towns that don’t get much press, otherwise. We were off to Avondale, NL (where I’ve been) and although the train station didn’t get as much time as I might have liked, I now know a lot more about the community. Thank you, Jonny!

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26th July 2017

Masted morning

This morning, the map screen from the AIS antenna was filled with promise. Over by the point, the flotilla arrives. We saddled up with cameras and headed for the lighthouse, where fully six ships were in view at one time. Alas, light breezes meant that the sails were not on display, but seeing three-masted whatever off the buoy is a throwback to an earlier time.

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25th July 2017

New holes

I’ll go to bed, tonight, with a few more holes. Thirty-two, to be exact; I counted, while the laser pulsed on eye #2. I can still see, so my fears were unfounded.

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24th July 2017

In front of the fire

Many people camp. Many others don’t. I’ve had a two year hiatus, so I’m back with a refreshed view of things.

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23rd July 2017

Pick a tent and fold

Early for me to be posting, given that the sun is still above the horizon. I realize that the evening will be filled with challenges. Best to get my daily responsibilities in order.

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22nd July 2017

A rich display of in-cloud colour

Yesterday featured some of the more interesting weather of the last few months. After my mentioning that we needed rain (12mm in 21 days), we received exactly that amount in the next few hours. There was a series of thunder moments. There was lovely weather around sunset (followed by more thunder moments). And finally, over a period of several hours after dark, we had a rich display of in-cloud colours from the lightning, out over the water.

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21st July 2017

The news will be less spicey (sic)

Great weather, eh! For those fresh off the bridge, ready to survey the quality of our beaches, perhaps. Meanwhile, anyone with a stake in greenery is ready to learn one of those rain dances. Here we are, three weeks into the month. According to my rain gauge, the total accumulation for the period is 12.6 mm. Less than a half an inch, for the Imperialists out there. Sure, we have a hose to take up the slack in the garden beds, but for the potato people, this is not “great weather”. At all.

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20th July 2017

Double the fun

Funny how things turn out. Back, several weeks ago now, we went to an excellent concert. As part of the promotion, my name was entered in the door prize drawing, to be given at the end of their festival. And yesterday, I received an email saying that I was one of the winners. Just had to come to their office to pick up my gift.

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19th July 2017

Planning our own activation activity

I knew something like this would happen; I showed a bit of interest in joining a club of like-minded individuals, and now I’m part of an organizing team. In the works, a weekend “activation” of the lighthouse up the road. We’re going to install some antennas and transceivers, and then we’re going to advertise our presence to the world. As if a big flashing light on the roof wasn’t enough.

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