24th February 2017

Make the stones stay

A little bit of freezing rain. No big deal, except… every move outside must be measured. We were out for a family supper, which means that time passed quickly. When the weather warning went out, so did I.

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23rd February 2017

So many variations on the theme

Today marked a personal combination of gestalt with great expectations. Let me explain.

Despite my preference for solo efforts, I agree that some of the best outcomes are the fruit of combined input. Music, for example, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Symphonic, or even emsemble gestalt. And, around here (in my family), there are great expectations of how good the music would be, if only I would “play well with others”… the kindergarten model.

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22nd February 2017

Fasten your seatbelts

Long before daylight, the launch vehicle lined up with the end of the ramp. Seatbelts fastened. We were off, for another great midwinter adventure.

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21st February 2017

Not exactly a winter sport, folks

I’m in a holding pattern. We leave on a road trip, but not until tomorrow. Packing is on the list of “things to do”, but I did get the dog’s stuff ready, so the majority of the job is complete. Now I’m working my way through the expendables (open jug of milk, etc) while trying to get control of my worry side; there’s rain coming, and the sump solution is unsure.

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20th February 2017

Resigned to the wired solution

Next on my list of small purchases: a good length of Cat 5 cable. After spending the afternoon, concentrated on the “what is wrong with this webcam?” question, I think the answer is clear. My wifi just isn’t getting from one end of the house, through a series of walls and out to the garage. Ergo, the camera gets confused and gives up on the goal.

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19th February 2017

Got fooled, rather than got milk

It’s true. I still enjoy a tall glass of cold milk. Seems to mystify the waitstaff in certain restaurants. Refreshes in a way that cola cannot. And today, I “got fooled” rather than “got milk”.

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18th February 2017

Left hanging

Ordinarily, network TV offers up content that is light. So many of those series that pass by, forgotten other than in trivia questions a decade later. If you miss one week, no need to fret. The laugh track will be still in place, next time around. And then there are the series that you end up having to watch, in order to see just how far the producers will carry a story. Right now, I’m caught up in two of them: Riverdale and Cardinal.

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17th February 2017

A reason to sigh

I cleared the walkway and the deck area, this afternoon. New snow is already erasing any trace of my effort. In some belief systems, that would be considered as “a sign”. Or a reason to sigh.

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16th February 2017

Solve a problem, find a (different) problem

Another month… OK, another two months tops. Certainly not three, before I have to start looking at getting the lawn tractor ready for another season of circling the property. The closures, Island wide, today; didn’t  affect me. After all, the big blue tractor was by, to make sure we were free of any new drifting. It was my choice to stay by, waiting for the call that I was a millionaire, or a senator, or whatever else my phone could deliver.

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15th February 2017

Keep telling our stories

It’s all about the stories, really. The best reason to read a book, or watch a movie, or sit with friends and talk. The stories. Sometimes, the story has to end: Stuart McLean died this morning, and the Vinyl Cafe is now shuttered, permanently.

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