21st October 2017

A closer look at their rig

The last our breakfast meets with the last of the summer folks. Some people need to winter in places like FL and TX; this was our chance to wish them a warm season with no more hurricanes. Discussion turned to mining techniques and some thoughts about RV life. I have experience with neither, so my interventions were limited.

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20th October 2017

They’re talking to their audience (as usual)

Forget the razzle dazzle factor. I have the local PC leadership convention running in the background (so I’ll know who the next leader will be). Paint the whole thing in tones of grey, eh. If you say the organization name often enough, it seems to calm the assembled masses.

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19th October 2017

Spritz the pots

My amp is less noisy, now. Only required that I unplug the guitar, and then carefully spritz all the “pots” with that can of degunk spray that has been hiding for years, along with a regime of knob twisting. Have to wait until later in the week to see if my fix lasted more than a country minute.

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18th October 2017

Look forward to years of driving in circles.

The little green machine came home this afternoon. What with the service up to date, we can look forward to years of driving in circles!

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17th October 2017

Tax fritter

Another batch of old pictures, on the web today. This set goes back to the time of my great-grandparents, so a full century ago. The local parish church, which no person alive in the area has ever seen. It tickles my fancy; particularly because the one photo is in focus and properly exposed. Score a point for a long-gone photographer.

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16th October 2017

Turned over the symbolic stirring rod to another

Over the years, I’ve made a fair number of pots of chili. Large pots; approaching industrial volumes (which didn’t make much sense, given that my kids were averse to beans in their bowls). Still, I persisted. Opened a lot of cans along the way, because in the city, that’s where you got your veggies.

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15th October 2017

(Re)creating new sounds

Should I brag about it, or keep it secret because enhancing my nerd cred is wrong? Oh what the…! This afternoon, after a short training session from someone via YouTube, I installed the necessary software, downloaded the necessary content and changed the internal sounds on a small synthesizer.

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14th October 2017

The fur started to fly

A bit of biofeedback on my vaccination. One day later, and I have this ongoing urge to take a nap. Of course, I have had that same urge, prior to yesterday, so there may be no correlation (or causation). I’ll keep an eye on the whole idea. Probably “shut eye”.

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13th October 2017

If they were aurally acceptable

Hurrah! I got (my) shot, which should mean that the winter will be better. No need to lock myself in the basement, trying to avoid the unhealthy members of the herd. Didn’t get yours, yet? One can only ask why. The teeny-tiny needle didn’t hurt.

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12th October 2017

Up a back road

I could have gone and got vaccinated, but I didn’t. Decided that with a prior engagement (this evening), I’d postpone the pain and suffering until tomorrow. Or next week. Eventually. I’ll get it done, OK?

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