26th August 2016

The stay-behind guy

I know this plea will go unheeded, but nevertheless… sellers on eBay, could you please identify your packages? A transaction number, or your seller name… I received another parcel, today, containing a pair of radio connectors. Except, I received something very similar just a few days ago, and now I don’t know who to “thank”. A minor point.

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25th August 2016

Requiring a minimum of chatter

Just me and the dogs here, right now. The others are all out gallivanting, as my father used to put it. I had to find something to do that required a minimum of chatter, so I opted to watch a movie.

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24th August 2016

Stones of Agony

Funny how the plans for a day can change completely, due to a tiny pebble. A stone, if you will. The sort that form in our internals and then cause grief trying to get out.

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23rd August 2016

Empty those shelves

The one, critical difference between our local market and a supermarket in the city isn’t the variety. It’s the quantity on sale. We have a some extra people here, for the next few days. I managed to empty the shelves of certain articles, without making an effort. No stockpiling, just getting enough stuff to feed those around the table. I could have gone to a larger place, but the three hours of road time is a powerful deterrent.

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22nd August 2016

On board the old lady

On the Island, we carry a special place in our hearts for one old lady: The Abegweit. Not the second one; the original. Navigated the Strait before I was born, continued until I was old enough to accept that there were other ways to get here from the other side. And then, she went away. Sailed off into the sunset, to a new berth.

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21st August 2016

A stupendous show

I enjoy a really big show. With the sixteen days and nights offered up by the gathered masses in Rio, I can say that my satisfaction is at an Olympic level. Tonight, the culmination.

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20th August 2016

Slowly anticipating

What’s that feeling where you know that the day is going to get better? Oh, yes… anticipation. I’ve been up since sunrise, and my wait is ongoing.

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19th August 2016

Spool cord as springs

I’ve learned that the spool of plastic cord which fuels our weed-whacker is closely related to every clock mainspring I’ve ever liberated. Seriously. Had to rewind the stuff this evening, and my start-over counter is officially off the rails. Of course, with a freshly wound spool, I was then given the job of “finishing” the trim outside. Hint: when the wind dies, and the grass gets disturbed, prepare to donate small portions of blood to the local flying demons.

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18th August 2016

I also wrestled

In high school, I was required to wrestle. Not much fun, as the lightest kid on the mat, but at least I understood the basic tenets. All little kids do. We wrestle with others, because it goes with the territory. And, let the record show, most of us escape without serious injury, because we’re so unskilled and we don’t have far to fall. I learned to accept defeat as a part of my life.

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17th August 2016

It always rains, sooner or later

I’ve decided that the CBC preemption of the suppertime news to bring me suppertime sports has a plus side. I’m getting to watch events that would normally not “cross my radar”. This evening, people jumping off a very high platform to land in the water, after twisting in panic all the way down. I understand! I’ve also decoded the scoring: the least splash wins. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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