28th May 2017

Tiny buzz-bombers

Right outside my dining room window, I have a syrup dispenser. To be fair, the contents are just lightly sugared tap water, but to those that frequent the fountain, this is the easiest flower around to get a good shot of nectar. I’m referring to our local hummingbirds, of course.

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27th May 2017

Counting in action

I moved to a different new channel, at suppertime. The things you learn! Hat’s off to the City of St. John’s, which is moving to “automated garbage collection”, soon. For the rest of us, this refers to trucks with a hydraulic arm to dump your bin into the back. As I see it, welcome to the 20th century!

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26th May 2017

Not on my list

Watched a movie that caught me off guard, due to the humour. Called Mindhorn and has a number of cast members that are familiar faces. Also a chance to look around the Isle of Man. Altogether a good way to spend a rainy evening. No Oscar contention here, but sometimes you just need a simple distraction. Thank you, Netflix.

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25th May 2017

Adding rings to the tree

When a simple statement by someone else breaks down a genealogical “brick wall”, a bell should ring. Loudly. At a recent meeting, while chatting about an ancestor, one of the local resource people said that the person was a Glendalale Settler. And there it was. Documented. In that book that had come home back at the end of last summer to rest by the bedside.

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24th May 2017

No free RV for you, or me

Slap my fingers time. I have managed to “lock” this site, but have little/no idea how long the restriction will be in place. I’ll write, and then see what happens in a few hours. In a worst-case scenario, I uninstall and reinstall some software.

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23rd May 2017

A first visit to the parts store

After receiving a suggestion about an effective nut remover (keep the jokes, please), I Googled the brand name, so as to avoid appearing like the total newbie that I am. For those who want to buy in, without doing their own testing, the product is known as “PB B’laster Penetrant”. I can’t tell you if it works well, but I now own a small aerosol container. Details to follow.

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22nd May 2017

When special means special

I didn’t recognize the truck. Or the driver, actually. Not unusual; we haven’t had that many visitors since our arrival. With the dog on pause, I went out to meet and greet.

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21st May 2017

Send more grapes

Please, Ottawa: leave my CBC Radio alone. From where I sit, the variety fills that quiet space in my life. News, culture, so much more. New music! I’m listening to a cellist, Cris Derksen, in the living space of my life, and I’m content. Don’t mess with my content, OK?

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20th May 2017

Grounded by the breezes

When it comes to identifying the various clients of our seed dispensers, I’m a recognition rookie. Turns out that the robins don’t care for my fare, and when the usual (blue jays) give space, all kinds of new and interesting faces show up. Like this one.

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19th May 2017

When the business acumen is lacking

Ever play “frozen tag” when you were a kid? This afternoon, when a front passed through, my local temperature fell from 26C to 8C in just over three hours (mid afternoon). Now, there are no kids in statue poses around the yard, but that’s probably due to the lack of kids. Just kidding, almost.

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