19th September 2017

Sliding into autumn

We’re sliding into autumn. Yesterday, on the way north through the province, some of the trees had already changed colours. In the garden, a bumper crop of tomatoes (varied shapes, sizes, colours). A change in the bird count around the place. Dark at an early hour (everything is comparative). Software updates, galore.

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18th September 2017

Watched the boat come in

Today, I watched the boat come in. Not “my boat” exactly, but close enough. And I was close enough; could have hit it with a snowball, in a different season. Seen between two wharf walls, they move a lot of water around with the effort to slow and tie up.

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17th September 2017

The cauldron stands

My age is showing (again). Right now, CBC radio is hosting a discussion on the relevance of Shakespeare to the curriculum, and I fear for the future generations.

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16th September 2017

Too nice; stay home

Watching the weather; if it gets too nice, I’ll have to stay home. That’s my mantra for travel with the dog. Happily, the promised rain never came, and I simply tied him to the car, outside, with his blanket and bowl. Came back two hours later to find that he was still content.

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15th September 2017

But why the delay?

I don’t know much about “product distribution networks”, given that I tend to buy retail. What I do know is that other places get access to cool stuff before we do. I’ve had my eye on some new gear for the last couple of weeks; saw the announcements, twigged that it was something I’d like to own, checked the price point, etc.

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14th September 2017

No, there’s no umbrella

This morning’s forecast set my day in motion. With beautiful weather inbound, the dog and I went shopping before the school bus parade had even started. I needed soap and extension cords; we were done and back home before my need for coffee had kicked in. How early? Well, the cash registers were closed, and my purchases were checked through by the guy back in building supplies. Small town commerce.

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13th September 2017

The next few hours will be presented in Technicolor

Some nights, sleep is elusive. When things finally kick in, accept that the next few hours will be presented in Technicolor. And then you get up, and the day is not nearly as interesting.

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12th September 2017

When I water the peppers

Thanks to a gas-up from the night before, my list of things to do before departure were limited to getting in the car. I’m not going anywhere, actually, but I had to meet the boat before it left; with the assistance of Google directions and a noted lack of construction delays, we arrived on time. The ferry looks much larger when you’re right alongside…

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11th September 2017

When every basement is wet

Around here, we eat meals. Pretty much every day. Most are eaten because we’re hungry, but the occasional one also serves to mark an occasion. Celebrating birthdays is a good example. This evening, we put some time and effort into things and drove all the way to the city. The curry was worth the trip.

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10th September 2017

Wind and rain and drama on the air

Too much intensity. Cable news networks, when they have a story with a bit of drama, build the tone up to melodrama. I’m overdosed on hurricane coverage, in particular. So much wind and rain, OK. So much “look at me, I’m tethered to a rail and I’m watching that wind and rain”; hard to stay interested. Thankfully there was curling on for a bit, followed by Pitch Perfect. Yes, I’d already seen the movie, but after a third or fourth time I look beyond the story line and watch for gadgetry. Like a radio station that uses CDs but has the staff refiling row after row of vinyl. Don’t let the absence of turntables interfere with the pleasure, OK?

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