24th February 2018

Watch for the rising waters

Still too early for the paperwork to be completed, but I’m going out on a limb with my estimate; Canada will finish in the Top Three at the present Olympics. We won’t have received the medals that count (for me): hockey, “real” curling, anything in speed skating, but others are impressed. Now I just have to set the alarm for tomorrow before dawn. The Closure. One of the big moments on my quadrennial approach to sports.

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23rd February 2018

Got grease?

Following the visit of the kids last summer, I received advice that (going forward) my garage door would need to be lubricated, eventually. Not sure where the kid in question picked up such knowledge, but after a quick Google consultation, I am now the proud owner of a spray can of lithium grease. Next step, find out where the door squeaks, I guess.

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22nd February 2018

DNA profiling, by another name?

Time to teach more science to the world, for oh, so many reasons. Today, I learned that the police in Calgary hired a U.S. biotech firm to assist in a murder case. The request, specifically, was to prepare a portrait of one of the parents of the victim, using DNA. And the firm complied, with a wonderful portrait of a young woman. Could this be the bleeding edge of technology?

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21st February 2018

Parallel patterns

Trash talking: an art form, for some. Recently, in the aftermath of a (yet another) school shooting in FL, the students decided that “enough was enough”. They are protesting, in the way of their forefathers. Marches, petitions, social media. And in response, some of those who most abhor change are lashing out, telling anyone who will listen that these are “paid protesters”. I’ll leave you to follow up and draw your own conclusion.

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20th February 2018

Random things to obsess about

Game on!  Even though the team didn’t win, last evening, they’re back throwing stones in the hope that some will stick. I’m torn between writing this post and watching the action; realistically, I’ll be done here before another end goes by, so there’s little stress.

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19th February 2018

Actively cautious

The literature is clear about one thing: the best time to back up your hard drive is before you need to recover data. The second paragraph warns that this will require more of your time than you wish to spend. The third paragraph refers you back to the first part. Suddenly, you realize that you are trapped in a loop.

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18th February 2018

Inspired by Jenga?

Word just in from the Games, where an athlete has been accused of doping. The sport?  Curling. Brings a new optic to the catch phrase “Hurry, hard”.

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17th February 2018

No effect

Winning a game is not attributable to the spectators. If “my team” won, this morning, it had nothing to do with my decision to leave my warm bed and take up a sentinel position before the big screen. There; I’ve said what I had to say. Now, my decision to stay up until the next game begins (in two hours) will likewise have no effect on the outcome of the match.

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16th February 2018

Reduced flexibility

Perhaps getting older is just a reduction in flexibility. Not just the “put on my shoes” kind; I no longer find that I absorb new (or remarkably different) ideologies. My ability to be brainwashed has diminished.

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15th February 2018

Culture creation

This is not the time to stress unduly, but the heirs to the world curling crown are down two games in a row in the Olympics. That’s not considered as “best strategy” when your goal is gold, right? I must wait until tomorrow and see if there is improvement, before getting all topsy-turvy about misdirected rocks.

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