7th December 2016

Unexpected rebate

Had my first cupful from the new machine, and it was good. Calm has been restored at our house. It helped that, while looking for something unrelated, I noticed that our machine had gone on sale overnight, with a reduction in price of about 25%. We called their hotline; an instant rebate was ours for simply showing up at the store, today, and presenting the original sales slip. Even the dog loves that kind of rationale for a road trip, and within a couple of hours our machine became an even better value.

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6th December 2016

A forced break from coffee

At a risk of paraphrasing someone famous, today is a day that will live on in infamy. This morning, for no good reason, our treasured coffee machine stopped. Completely. Oh, sure, I can get bursts of steam, but the necessary feature, which pours heated water over ground beans… done.

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5th December 2016

Behind the Black Mirror

Now that the essentials of the gear required to make my work area have been unboxed, it’s time to improve things. In keeping with the “no need to put out the best china plates” model, I’ve swapped the UR22 against the UR44 as my sound interface for day-to-day. Had to download some drivers (it’s a Mac, after all), but the first impressions are satisfactory. I’m watching back episodes of Black Mirror. For someone who has had years of US sitcoms to entertain, this counts as really strange content. I’ll keep watching.

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4th December 2016

Oil and water don’t mix

Turns out, I don’t need an app to tell me when things get loud. This afternoon, I decided to see if the new monitor speakers and subwoofer would play nicely together. Spent far too long trying to get my connectors “right”, before deciding to plunge in and turn up the sound. Took only seconds to get feedback. No, not the sine wave variety caused by A-B-A.

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3rd December 2016

Premature redemption

It’s a life skill: roll out of bed on a Saturday just in time to catch a ride to breakfast in town. After all, there’s bacon in play. We learned to max out coffee consumption as well.

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2nd December 2016

Antenna remount

My replacement MIDI cables arrived this afternoon, via the dog’s preferred courier service. When I mentioned to the driver that this was a second effort by Amazon, he pointed out that delivery is far from infallible. Hence the corporate logo: “oops!”

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1st December 2016

Is it real or is it generator?

Looks like Maritime Electric can’t catch a break. Just as they were starting to get stability, another front has come through, complete with gusty winds and snowfall. Here, the power bounced all afternoon; proof that my propane cylinders aren’t empty yet. I’ve been playing a little game: close my eyes and ask “is this current from the road or from the generator” during that period before the noisemaker goes back to sleep. The “snap” from the transfer switch is actually soothing.

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30th November 2016

A rave necklace

Winter is worse, elsewhere. Although we had nothing, this morning, schools were closed province wide. The photos from social media showed a real storm in the city, and the number of homes without electricity climbed dramatically overnight. Let me repeat: here, nothing.

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29th November 2016

The inevitable hiccup

As the dog and I headed down the highway, there was a certain satisfaction. This is tax installment day (a day early, actually) and we’re still solvent enough to make the payment without stress. The dog was along if the government decided to request additional funds; he would be a hostage. I jest, but with the mismanagement of funds by legislatures across the land, one must be prepared.

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28th November 2016

Forced darkness, for some

Enough. Time to go home. With the assistance of son #3, who stayed the night with one of those magic pass cards that hotel employees keep around, we were up before daylight and had the car completely packed without a hiccup. On the road by 05h30.  At that hour, you have the full attention of the desk staff.

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