23rd January 2018

Early images

The flood of memories continues. You have to accept that my first few years were not verbal, so if the recall seems simple… that’s the way it works. I was a handsome kid, based on a photograph that surfaced recently, and my clothes were in shades of grey. No, hold on, that’s because the photo was one of those snapshots that came out of the local photo developer’s  counter. We had a Kodak Brownie camera, and the colour film was expensive.

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22nd January 2018

The early days

Perhaps I should take a few moments and introduce myself. No need for a name; I’m much more a product of place. Places. In looking back, my childhood was devoted to changing addresses. That given, let’s go all the way back. To a time when there were no words.

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21st January 2018

Are you with me?

This evening, while waiting for my soup (cream of chicken) to cool (just a little), I happened to read an article. Life’s too short to waste precious moments while the steam clears. Anyhow, this article discussed the basics of journaling (which has nothing to do with taking a backup of the payroll system).

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20th January 2018

New old beans

Did you know that coffee beans are due for a scientific experiment? After our recent freezer failure, I happened to have some older bags of beans. With a new shipment of fine Tarrrazu (brought back from our travels) ready to join the barista corner stocks, I decided to get rid of one of those older bags. Well, not “get rid of”; how about “use”, given the value.

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19th January 2018

Socially acceptable games

I cannot tell a lie. At various times during the day, I sat in a comfortable chair, very quietly. And then I napped. I may have even snored, although I can’t claim to have heard anything that qualifies as evidence. No matter; my rest time was goal directed. This evening (again), I  stepped outside my comfort zone.

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18th January 2018

Tracing the site lines

Overnight, we received the first true taste of winter weather. The schools were delayed by an hour, but our lane was blown clean by daylight. Outside, a true “snowshoe paradise”, if anyone wondered. I had to get the shovel and remove a solid 30 cm from the deck; an excuse for exercise, and a bet against anything else coming down, wet or otherwise. The weight. Always about the weight.

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17th January 2018

Let the tolls go

In Canada, going to prison because you want some time alone just got harder. The courts (no link to that whole prison thing, apparently) has declared that unlimited solitary confinement is not allowed. Not only do you have to hang out in the crowbar hotel, but you have to mingle with the other guests.

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16th January 2018

Waiting to back up

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for data to be backed up. Go all the way back to punch cards, when copying a single card took a measurable amount of time to be threaded through the teeth of the card reader. Move forward, through the cassette, to the floppy. Follow that with more tape, and the 1X CD burner. Keep on going.

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15th January 2018

A find from my childhood

Sixty years ago, the railroad was important. Here, at least. The tracks ran from tip to tip to tip, and trains meandered from vale through vale to vale (we have very few hills here). I was part of all that. And no locomotive seemed more ubiquitous (from my shortsighted perspective) than the GE 70-tonner.

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14th January 2018

Nailed it

Time to prepare an explanation for my children. Something in the vein of “When did you realize that you were growing old?” They haven’t asked (yet); too polite, possibly. But, best to prepare, so that I don’t find myself nonplussed by the question.

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