30th September 2016

Sticker shock averted

Almost got by me… that odd tax that we pay here, known as automobile licensing. There’s even a dated sticker, so that society can spot the scofflaws. And I came that close.

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29th September 2016

Cheap but inspired cables

Boomer treated us to a new mashup of word during the weather forecast this evening: “tornadic vorticities”. As soon as I decipher the term, I’ll post a definition.

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28th September 2016

Pennies still count

I’ve followed this evening’s local news with an episode of Gerry Dee, followed by an episode of Sheldon. Found humour all the way. What has my life become?

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27th September 2016

Go for a nap

Is the afternoon without merit? Are you bored? Does the TV have nothing that attracts your imagination, or keeps you awake? Simple solution: go for a nap.

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26th September 2016

The night of the great debate

Last week, I learned about the wonder of the Forstner bit. Bought one. This week, I learned that you can’t go with just one, like certain snack foods. Not a question of flavour; more one of size. I need a larger diameter, and so I’ll wait to finish my project.

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25th September 2016

The first solid precipitation

I took part in an interesting discussion this afternoon. When writing a local history, should it be approached as a simple compilation of facts, or is there a place for new research? I mean, there’s always the hope of new material, but when faced with a production timeline that has to be respected, how does the editorial aspect apply?

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24th September 2016

Trivial and other team sports

Team trivia is far from trivial. On a September Saturday, it’s the “only game in town”, and we take it seriously. Tonight, I won a chocolate bar, and had several hours of chatter for the sum of $2 – a bargain in these troubled economic times. Now I’m home, wondering when the next game will take place, as we watch a pair of cruise ships cross paths just offshore.

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23rd September 2016

Should have tried the pie

That tingling sensation in my fingertips has nothing to do with a supposed superhero condition. No, I did something silly this evening. I played on my guitar, for too long. Not even a practice session.

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22nd September 2016

House erasure

Now that was easy! I’ve registered, online, to take part in an upcoming plebiscite.  The goal is to decide if I and my peers wish to modify the current electoral system, away from the FPTP to something more balanced. All in favour, raise your hand! The registration used an existing identification code to prove that I am who I say I am, and the cost to the public purse should be far below the replaced process of sending canvassers door to door.

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21st September 2016

Can we break our addiction to food?

An odd day, here on my Island. Sometime in mid-morning, the Twitterverse started to get noisy: “the children are being sent home from school”. Not one school; all of them. Without a trace of snow…

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