22nd March 2018

A brisk breeze

We were promised a “last blast of winter”; this might be it. Although the morning was clear, the schools did a preemptive closure. We debated going to the city, but held back. I took the time to watch an icebreaker (CCGS Henry Larsen) lead the ferry through the ice (that had blown in yesterday, completely covering what I could see from my window). That’s a first, for this winter; the ice didn’t look thick through the spotting scope, but why take a chance? Call the Coast Guard!

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21st March 2018

Following a new path

I love that family tree research leads me down so many different paths. My own roots are (pretty much) known, within the limits of archival materials here in Canada. When I decided to “branch out”; in essence, to map my community and neighbours, the grandeur of family ties was revealed.

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20th March 2018

Among the inevitables

Some things are inevitable, even if the fit isn’t ready for prime time. First up, the electric car. In my media feed, an ad for the Chevy Volt. Looks nice, as long as you stay very close to home. Turns out that it has a useful range of 85 km per charge. I could get to the city, but I’d have to stay there. Think I’ll remain a client of big oil for a bit longer.

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19th March 2018

Another day without squatting to buy

I’ve reached the age where I find myself asking clerks in the grocery store to help me find a particular blend of peanut butter. I don’t even eat peanut butter (but it was on my list). Why? Well, when faced with squatting in the aisle and getting all “Facetime” with an amazing array of similar products, or simply asking the lad with the inventory pistol to help me out, I know the rule. He might get to keep his job, because he seemed useful when the manager was crossing the floor; I get to wait to crawl around. Win/win.

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18th March 2018


Last evening, I watched an older movie. Not old; that would make it historic. This was from my childhood. Mid-Eisenhower days. The Long Haul, shot in B&W, in Britain. Left me with a lot of questions.

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17th March 2018

Don’t fix what isn’t broken

This morning, during our community group meeting, I think we dodged a “bullet”. Or, at a minimum, a muddy quagmire. You see, last year during the annual general meeting, it was mentioned that we would examine the existing bylaws document, and bring forth any proposed changes to the next AGM. As is, just over a month from now. A whole year; you can work wonders in a year…

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16th March 2018

Winter by rail

Why would I travel by train? Why not? I’m not anticipating any time on the rails in the short future, but an article I found this afternoon reminded me of my past adventures. First of all, a link, so you can get a feel for winter in Canada.

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15th March 2018

My new flow of consciousness

Looking outside, I don’t quite know how I should approach that whole question of “what does one wear?”. Yesterday, no snow on the ground. This morning, very white. This afternoon, no snow on the ground. This evening, very white. Pardon my confusion.

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14th March 2018

One of those oops moments

This morning, I felt a twinge of guilt. Despite his appearances on Star Trek, The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory, I didn’t expect him to live indefinitely. On my list of books to read, some day, A Brief History Of Time. I will get around to it, eventually.

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13th March 2018

Another One Bites The Dust

On the radio, a song from Queen: Another One Bites The Dust. The right choice for the moment, as we learn that the American Secretary of State was just fired, via Twitter. In one sentence, a succinct description of the evolution (devolution?) of their political system. Someday, there’ll be a movie (the books have already started to appear).

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