26th March 2017

Gold in the rocks

Knowing the outcome long before “my broadcast” removed none of the satisfaction. Early this morning, the Homan rink made Canadian history. After a complete round robin tournament without a loss, followed by the necessary playoff games, the team completed the week with the gold medal. World champions. How special was it? Well, Rachel smiled…

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25th March 2017

Hardware stores equal temptations

Half-past eight, in the evening. Local time. Around me, things are darker than usual, because I’m a participant in the worldwide Earth Hour. Can’t tell if my neighbours are involved; distance and heavy tree cover change the mood. I did notice an invitation on the electronic sign, as we drove through town earlier.

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24th March 2017

The news, past to future

This evening, CBC proved that the future is always just one step ahead. Imagine it: a program about the news, in lieu of. The big names from the national centers were here, on the Island. In the Confed Centre, with a sold out hall. A discussion about how the reporting of news is evolving.

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23rd March 2017

Another step toward (Kodi) happiness

On the Island, whether or not depends. For the weather, I mean. The blizzard looks to have missed this area, completely. We had about 10% of the snow received a scant 50 km west of here; ditto for the winds. Mind, we were storm stayed just the same, given that all the plows were parked out of harm’s way.

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22nd March 2017

The guilty pleasure of the gong

Reading that Chuck Barris had died this week reminded me that life used to be simpler. We learned about how to start relationships via the Dating Game. If things went as far as marriage, we set our expectations based on the Newlywed Game. And when things spiraled out of control, we could go for the conclusion by following the Gong Show. Now, all we have to fall back on are “alt facts”. How I miss life as it used to be.

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21st March 2017

The twisty passages of Kodi

After a long afternoon, I’m left to wonder. If something only half-works, is it successful (as a project)? Today, I decided to explore the twisty passages of Kodi. After all, if the courts are deciding whether or not I have the right to purchase the associated “black box”, then I’ll go ahead and make my own.

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20th March 2017

Will greed save (the rest of us)?

And again, no sign of the forecasted storm. Perhaps this spring thing is really going to happen. Not to complain; this has been an “easy winter”. As the temperatures rise, the rodents return, and I had an additional taxi run this morning. Left the beastie cooling its heels until my curling broadcast ended.

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19th March 2017

Rightful rebuttals

Another rodent taxi trip this morning. There’s no way that yesterday’s passengers have made their return journey that fast, so I continue to believe that my population reduction is working. I know, I’m just a simple human, up against a much wilier force of nature.

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18th March 2017

The benefits of warming weather

An early spring, by all accounts. As proof, I note that we’ve already transported three squirrels to new homes in the primeval forest, several small rivers away. The running water may slow the return to our bird feeders for a bit. Unless, as I suspect, the species understands the concept of highway bridges. We’ll see.

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17th March 2017

What I learned at trivia

With the province finally releasing its ten-year strategy for energy use, I finally took the time to read the Coles’ Notes version. My take: looks like the paper was wasted. Telling people that reductions are in order and pairing it with a promise of two new wind farms doesn’t inspire confidence in the leadership. Yes, the wind blows here. No, not all the time.

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