14th December 2017

Start with a clean grate

The BBQ is clean and stored for the winter. I’d done most of the job, last week, but there were still two grills that needed TLC. I ran out of excuses today, and so with a proper scraper, I removed enough flavour to start next summer with a clean grate. Slate. Whatever.

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13th December 2017

Red vs Blue

Who needs to watch sports, when we have politics. Red vs Blue. Technical fouls. Fans that are fanatics. Last night, that battle down in “the South” came down to the usual winner/loser, even if the loser (in so many senses) claims that he won’t accept the victory of his opponent until after an official recount. No matter. It was just a game, right. In fact, I’m already waiting for the next matchup. Pity that I can’t find a season schedule.

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12th December 2017

Politics is a video game

Without reading too much into things, I have to mention that there were four byelections yesterday, for the federal Parliament. The party in power won three out of four. Can’t sit well with the new kids on the block (two other parties), who have to be aware that the level of satisfaction with the older kid on the block means that their quest for power (in the next general round) won’t be an easy one. Politics is a video game, in many ways.

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11th December 2017

A memorable odour

Some odours are unforgettable. Without referencing the best and worst ends of the scale, there are scents that the brain “knows”. (How do scents and odours differ? Must look this one up) Happened to purchase a small jar of one such memory, over at the pharmacy, and I confirm that the company hasn’t changed their secret formula in my lifetime.

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10th December 2017

At the end of a very long week

Nine days: a very long week. Or in other terms, the amount of time required to confirm what many (of us) already knew. The best group of rock chuckers in Canada, under the rules of curling for women, will hereby be known as Olympic Team Homan.

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9th December 2017

No blocks here

Could this be symptomatic of an age crisis? Rather than checking the price point of a red sports car, I found myself comparison shopping for large amounts of Lego. Turns out that with Amazon, I could gather close to 1000 pieces (all sizes combined) for about $100! In case the kids come to visit…

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8th December 2017

Trying to find a moment worthy of mention

Only hours before bedtime, and I’ve got nothing. No marvelous tale to recount, or a plan for world peace to announce. There was one small moment, when I rebuilt the small dog biscuit box, so that I could top it up from the almost empty oversize carton in the garage, but that hardly counts (except for the hairy fellow). At least the big carton will be recycled, eventually.

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7th December 2017

Real life moments

Turns out that my dog’s propensity to go through doors is normal. A subject of memes, even. Knowing that, how can I ever refuse (no matter the hour) to open a door and let him pass through to the other side?

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6th December 2017

When two ships collided

History is a mish-mash. Names, places, incidents, dates. Actually, anniversaries; we rarely remember things unless we can say how long ago they “took place”. Today, CBC took some time to recall where things were, one century ago. Particularly, in Halifax. Outside of this region, mention of The Explosion merit only a confused look, or a shrug. In Nova Scotia, this date defines a city.

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5th December 2017

No Games for you

In a rare burst of nervous energy, the IOC stuck a stick into the hornets’ nest today. They informed one of the world’s largest nations that there would be no place for their team at the Games, come next February. Not even a chance to get dressed up and march in the big parade, much less pick up a new set of gold medals. In case the old ones were tarnished, etc.

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