21st November 2017

A battle of fingertips

Just last year, I spent an afternoon in a battle of fingertips with a particularly recalcitrant bicycle tire. Told myself that I should get into the city and find a second rim, so that this wouldn’t be a recurring theme in my life (cursing at a rubber ring).

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20th November 2017

An added incentive?

Loblaws has a new incentive program. Much like the old incentive program, except… this one will really cost you money. $99.99 a year, in order to get even more points when you buy your weekly veggies.

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19th November 2017

Running out of time

Tick-tock tick-tock tick!! Not so much a clock stopping as us running out of time. Despite vigilance and a regular renewal of the pesticide-embedded collar, the dog had picked up a passenger.

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18th November 2017

Make sure because you aren’t move

A bit of wind and rain isn’t enough to prevent safety; my wheels have been retorqued, and if things go wrong, I can only blame myself. Truth be told, they were pretty good already, and this was just a “make sure because you aren’t” move on my part. As for the climate, I accept that life in Canada may not always respect the summertime rule.

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17th November 2017

Plug the hole

One of the greatest causes for stress among teachers comes from an unexpected quarter. The mug. Your mug. When life is driven by that next cuppa Joe, getting to the staff room and finding that your (in the most personal sense) carefully chosen tankard has been “borrowed” by an interloper (nice term for a substitute teacher). After all, having your name and personal motto on the side of the thing only carries importance when it is in your hand, right?

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16th November 2017

But is it real?

Here’s a short test, for those of you with advanced academic credentials.

  • Where did you go to school?
  • What was the subject of your thesis?

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15th November 2017

From an earlier time

Received some photos this morning, from an earlier time in my life. Barely recognized myself; no hair, no muscle tone in my sit down area. Why, even the yard and the house were greyer than I remembered. Could it be that “I’m older than that now”?

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14th November 2017

On the field and off, a contest

Some unexpected drama, for the middle of a week. The Loney Bowl was contested, this afternoon, down in Wolfville. In one of those “good to the last drop” finishes, Acadia bested Saint Marys by the score of 45-38 in overtime. But did they? Is it really over?

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13th November 2017

Now, on camera

A special thanks to the people over at NS Webcams. The place that you can go to see Peggy’s Cove in a snowstorm. Or watch the tides rise and fall in one of the many pittoresque harbours that dot the shore of the Fundy. And now there’s more…

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12th November 2017

The skill set remains a constant

Almost forty years ago, I changed a flat tire. Managed to avoid the task between then and today. Technically, the four this morning weren’t flats, but the skill set remains a constant. As does the technology.

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