18th July 2017

Shake the ziggurat

The extended version of my family grew a little, overnight. Another “grandie” on the tree. There’s enough of them, now, that I can start planning that baseball team I’ve (never) wanted. Given that family reunions are rare, in my circle (the last one dates back to 2005 and only included a segment of that circle), I doubt we’ll actually lob any softballs, but the possibility is there. In any case, welcome to the newest member (and all those who joined before; I realize that I didn’t give you mention at the time).

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17th July 2017

A push and a shove

Perhaps all the “green monster” really needed was a ride in the country. This morning, the man from down the way that understands the infernal combustion engine on small tractors stopped by, trailer in tow. We didn’t waste time with idle chatter; a push and a shove and we loaded the trailer. He headed back to his tools and parts.

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16th July 2017

A field with a feast

The sound of a car horn, in the driveway, on a Sunday? Unexpected. A visit from a cousin and his extended family. After a proper round of introductions and catch-up chatter, we agreed to meet for supper, at the Feast.

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15th July 2017

Seeking a light

Based ona  a hint from the kitchen calendar, we spent the afternoon seeking the light. A light. A lighthouse. We could have stayed local (there’s one just down the road), but we opted to put some miles on the tires and head cross-country to Point Prim.

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14th July 2017

Believe in the benefits

Right now, a breeze would be a blessing. The bugs have figured out where I live, and the lack of a cross-current means that sleeping under the stars would be tantamount to giving unlimited access to a new blood supply – mine. Not how I want to spend the night, so I’ll remain indoors. Besides, the night light keeps me safe.

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13th July 2017

Stared intently into each eye

Hurrah! Two days in a row, in the clinic, on time. The award of a a third date (next week) doesn’t even faze me. In Canada, my health care doesn’t require folding money or insurance that can be revoked because I actually need the coverage. Worth bragging about.

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12th July 2017

A really boring video game

This is the week where I get checked by the eye-doctor. Only happens a couple of times a year, so there was no way I wanted to miss any part of the adventure. Up, bright and early. Dressed, got a small sack of silver to pay the parking pirates and headed on down the highway. What with slow zones, the trip was a bit longer than usual, but I had scheduled such things into my big plan.

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11th July 2017

In my best old man voice

When the delivery truck arrived, this afternoon, the dog went into his best passive-agressive mode. That’s where he hopes there’ll be a dog biscuit onboard, but remembers to show off with his “hackles and loud voice” caricature of a real watch dog. Alas, he’s just a watcher. As for the milkbone… not today. Different driver.

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10th July 2017

No swerving with abandon

Wild life. Wildlife, living dangerously. This is the time of year that the new arrivals in the local woods test their ability to live in dangerous times, as they cross the road with abandon. Doesn’t matter the species: rabbits, foxes, skunks. All show their unfamiliarity with that other species, the “fast auto”. Here, in the living room, we have a seat on the sidelines, and there’s a lot of imprecation over the risks taken.

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9th July 2017

Planning for summer: easy, easy, easy

Although there aren’t many things, one facet of life before retirement has come back to haunt me. I now have no discipline when it comes to scheduling my calendar.

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