13th April 2017

Just a mixup, apparently

I’m going to have to explore the whole situation further, but the “commutative property” doesn’t apply to making good coffee. Specifically, a caffè americano does not taste the same as a long black. As for the caffè luongo… not going there again.

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12th April 2017

Finding the lamp and other things

Last evening, I considered exploring what could return a broken air fryer to a more useful status. I didn’t, though. This morning, we returned to the retailer. Without hesitation, the broken was exchanged for a brand new unit. The warranty continues. I salute the Stokes corporation, for their ability to keep the customer happy.

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11th April 2017

Restraining my tinker instincts

Unfair! All those hours spent playing Jeopardy; not a single penny extra in my pocket. Is my microphone unplugged, Alex? Goes well with all my unwon lottery jackpots. What do you mean, I have to purchase a ticket first? Is that a rule?

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10th April 2017

He only bled a little

Social media has a great distraction, today. On a flight due to depart Chicago, security dragged a man from his seat and deplaned the would-be passenger. Blood from a split lip and a weak excuse from the airline. They had employees that needed to deadhead, and paying passengers are such an aggravation when you are trying to run a transportation firm.

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9th April 2017


Good TV weekend for curling fans. The World Championship (Men’s) will be decided within the next few hours, and my hope is that the Canadian team will prevail. After all, the round robin went by with them undefeated (11-0). The playoffs have also gone well, and the gold game starts just before my regular bedtime (time zone madness). If this sound familiar, it’s because we’re repeating the sequence laid down in the World Championship (Women’s) less than a fortnight ago. Although the counters (stones?) get reset next season, a double win for the country would certainly convince others that “we understand curling”.

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8th April 2017

When the alarms are sounding

The smoke detector, tripped during meal preparation, is little more than an aggravation. For sure, trying to nap while several of them are “sounding” is futile, but there’s no call for panic. Not so, in the workplace, where alarms are there because they are necessary.

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7th April 2017

Do not try to repair

No wonder we don’t equip our soldiers with plastic spring loaded arms. The squirrel chaser we purchased online arrived earlier this week, and broke on the first test. Hard to get beyond that point. Of course, the instructions were clear. Do not try to repair. Do not return to the point of purchase. In other words, thank you for contributing to our bottom line. Signed: Airsoft.

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6th April 2017

Clear and present signs (of getting older)

If asked, I state that I am getting older, every day. As proof, there are some clear and present signs. My hair has changed colour, in places. My memories of past politicians merge, but tend to be negative in tone. If I don’t get to bed at my regular time, the night will be very long; the following day will be even longer. I identify with the dog wanting to “go outside” all the time.

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5th April 2017

New freezers

Yesterday, one of the major plugins for this site upgraded, and promptly broke everything. Along the way, I’ve learned to change out such a flat tire, which I did. Ran for the next few hours without whatever the plugin was supposed to be doing. Today, an upgraded version of the upgrade (??). Reinstalled, activated, ignored the other features that now want money to continue. Things seem functional, but I’m now in “watchful mode”.

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4th April 2017

Generations in play

Some years back, I watched a fun spy movie with the power couple Brad and Angelina. You might have seen it: Mr And Mrs Smith. Did well at the box office, came with a few good scenes. Worth the dime. This evening, I had a chance to see a similar plot, used to provide some decent giggles. No power couple, but Zach and Jon (Hamm) did work well together. I suggest that you see this one, as well: Keeping Up With The Joneses. After all, movies are supposed to amuse. Besides, the current administrators of the US are not far removed from this sort of slapstick.

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