14th February 2018

Presumptive champions

My preferred portion of the Games has started. Team Homan has just thrown their opening rocks against the “home town favourites” from Korea. Many ends to go, but I have high confidence in the win by the presumptive World champions.

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13th February 2018

Are their blades made of fire?

The next Winter Olympics will be held in China, making three sets of Games in a row to be contested in East Asia. I mention this, only because I think I’m getting the hang of watching stuff taking place fourteen hours before now. If you think time travel is baffling, try watching people spinning in the sky, as the sun goes down (and here, we’re awaiting sunrise). Anyhow…

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12th February 2018

Medals, galore!

Look at all those medals! I (made the mistake) of turning on notifications from Twitter and elsewhere; the iPad dings like an out-of-control teletype machine. Again, look at all those medals! Not just Canada, but we know where the heart lies.

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11th February 2018

Preparing for cultures

This morning, my “Bain Marie” came out from the back of a cupboard. Hadn’t given much thought to it, in better than 35 years. You see, we’re preparing to go cultural here; should I say cultured? How about “living with culture”. Unsure, but we are going to make yogurt again, soon. The incubator is ready, we have a starter kit from the health store, and I’m shopping for an inexpensive source of powdered milk. Not sure that exists, in passing. We also watched some video lessons on the preparation of Kombucha, but that’s a whole other animal.

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10th February 2018

So many varieties of olive oil!

I did it. I left the house and went into the big city, and my world didn’t collapse in ruin. Might have to go again, as soon as the ice melts away.

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9th February 2018

Game on, Winter World

Took three hours, but I can affirm that there are real Games going forward in Pyeongchang County. The full show, including a big-ass torch and lots of seats.  A big show, if I could “make it”.

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8th February 2018

Reuse our refuse

The onset of the Olympics reminds me that the world is a big place. That fourteen-hour offset in coverage times, for example. Meanwhile, my own world has shrunk; I now spend almost all of my days and nights in the front half of a two acre estate.

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7th February 2018

Bemused is not amused

Want to get my dog excited? Be a fox, and walk by his house during daylight hours. While he accepts, barely, that there are wild things in the night, daytime is a whole other issue. Not only does he smell the visitor, he can see it (and this is not a sharp-eyed dog, by any means). Eventually, we’re going to have “close encounter” and I haven’t a clue about how things will go.

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6th February 2018

Novel approach to parking a car

Based on a news story from CBC, this evening, I believe I have been “not profiled”. The minds at CSIS have determined that someone who cleans up around their house, pays down their debts and adapts a more healthy physical regime might actually be a sleeper terrorist. For the record (other than sleepy), I fit none of the above characteristics.

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5th February 2018

Local buildings, no longer there

The sump pump has seen a lot of use today. At an estimate, I’m getting a well-empty every two hours. That’s good. Now if the freezing temperatures can kick in after the water stops running, I’ll mark it up as a win. Otherwise, I’m going to have to move to Plan B, which involves me and a yellow bucket. The snow is gone, pretty much. However, there’s more on the way, because this is Canada.

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