16th March 2017

Proactive activities

The dog may not realize this, but I am proactive on his behalf. Not to be caught with my head buried in the sand, or worse, with the head of a tick buried in his flank, I bought him a brand new flea and tick collar for the upcoming season. Why, one announcement claimed that the wee buggers are active once the temperatures get up above 4C. Today we barely scratched thaw levels, but it’s just a matter of time. We are now prepared.

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15th March 2017


Got through that storm without pain. Unlike elsewhere; the “message bell” came up, after midnight, when son #1 described his local situation as apocalyptic! Perhaps an exaggeration, but Quebec and Ontario did learn that winter “ain’t over ’til it’s over”.

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14th March 2017

Dehair the dog

The report is in, from a family member: that Holi Festival with the rainbow of coloured powders is real. No word on what breathing the dust is like.

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13th March 2017

Lyrical identity

I’m going to have to find more exciting things to do with my day. Right now, I’m starting to identify (closely) with selected lyrics from the music of my youth. An example:

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12th March 2017

End this insanity of clock-changing

Please, end this insanity of clock-changing twice a year. I’m not through the day, but my confusion is intense. Am I hungry now? Should I be going to sleep?

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11th March 2017

Wind chill is better than wind damage

Unsure if we were part of the same storm system, but today the Island got the wind chill. Meanwhile, 700 km away, the Rock got the wind. Lots of it, if the photos from the #nlwx on Twitter were evidence.

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10th March 2017

A new menu in an old place

Even if the day didn’t go according to the initial plan, I’m content. Got to try some alternative activities along the way. You see, there was supposed to be some kid-minding, but that got cancelled. Left us with the whole day to spend away from the home base.

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9th March 2017

Cross-species worrying

My guess: the dog expends the largest portion of his energy hunting for food. Not from hunger; he gets his bowlful of kibble, on schedule, every day. No, this is more of a hunt for “better” food. Open the refrigerator, or the pantry. Remove the package of cheese. Count to two. Check the position of the dog. Unless I’ve played the fake by putting him outside first, I will be under close scrutiny. Is this a canine cry for assistance, or just the only way he has to show he belongs to our pack? Other than taking his place on the bed, of course.

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8th March 2017

A step closer to snow-gone

My web browser updated itself, and now everything is risky. Like having that robot that used to zoom around shouting “Danger, Will Robinson!” I know that my blog doesn’t offer encrypted logins; tried to fix it but the price is too high. I’m calling this “acceptable risk”, and having the browser loading additional educational pages to keep me warned is overkill.

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7th March 2017

Rare vegetables

Unsure if it was by design or coincidence, but when we headed to the city this afternoon, I remembered to slip that retired iPhone into my pocket. After a quick visit to the Bell kiosk, where they keep things like orphan SIM cards around, the factory reset I started months ago is finally complete. Hurrah! Another gadget to try and charge before use. Oh, and there is no intention to “phone” with the phone; this will probably be tethered to a MIDI device for convenience.

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