14th February 2017

In the wake of the storm

The storm did not last through the night. In fact, our lane was cleared before coffee this morning. Nevertheless, we stayed home; the road plows are keeping a single track clear, and the message from the civil authorities was also clear. Stay home. The university, various colleges and the public schools took the advice, as did the government offices. Oh, and us.

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13th February 2017

Too old to party?

Could it be that I’m “too old to party”? After watching this evening’s Marketplace episode, I feel sure that I could never keep up with the pace presented by students on unsupervised school trips. I say that, even with the years of experience I racked up, back in the day.

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12th February 2017

No tentative, please

I have a a visceral fear of the word “tentative”. It goes hand in hand with my dislike of making reservations. Sure, going on a long trip, or even getting a seat in a local restaurant requires calling and leaving my name, but then to be bound by the weather forecast… to0 much for my insecure nature. We’re waiting on some weather, and depending on how long the wind blows, I might have to reverse some reserves. Not a good time.

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11th February 2017

Snow speculation

Just me and my shovel. Moving away the snow that fell since the storm ended. With the sun, no wind, proper clothing; winter is not a big deal. That’s why I’m glad that my cleanup is complete, before the next storm arrives tomorrow evening. One shouldn’t listen to rumours, but the computer model with the biggest numbers calls for fifty more centimeters. Speculation.

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10th February 2017

There will be a do-over

There was, it seems, a storm last night. I was on standby, but by daybreak the outcome was clear. A bit of snow on the ground. Actually, only on the front walk. How does that work? In the back of the house, no new levels to report (or shovel). There will be another one, later in the weekend. A do-over, if you will. Maybe the snow shoes will finally come out of storage.

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9th February 2017

Off the beaten tracks

Went and got my storm chips, because there’s a nor’easter coming through overnight. I mean, not that I’m going to leap from my bed and throw open the shutters, but if the urge to munch and crunch comes over me… my dietary penance is already done. I had fresh fruit for supper, so any lapse will be fair.

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8th February 2017

Trying various flavours of audio Pi

Remember that time when the president had members of the press gallery scrambling? No, not for the usual reason; they needed access to the “urban dictionary”, to see if the Rosetta Stone to presidential chatter might lie therein. It didn’t, of course.

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7th February 2017

I must not take political rhetoric seriously

I must not take political rhetoric seriously. I must not take political rhetoric seriously. If ever I do something unforeseen, like getting a  tattoo… please, make sure that’s what my new ink says.

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6th February 2017

Dead broke

I pay taxes (unlike someone rich and famous). Not huge amounts, but sufficient that I have to file paperwork each year to get the excess returned to me (to be spent as quickly as possible). Anyhow, for years now I’ve purchased software on a convenient CD and made sure to meet my deadlines.

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5th February 2017

Superb owl?

Here it is: one of the most important sports days in North America. With the population on standby for the half-time show (still more than 90 minutes away), I checked on Twitter to see what the sentiment might be.

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