9th September 2017

Overflow for a quiche experiment

A strange way to mix home and church: treating me as the overflow for a quiche experiment. There’s a breakfast in the parish hall tomorrow morning (I won’t be there). The two and a bit more pans of egg delicacy are done, and I’ve finished a small one all by myself. Doing my part, etc.

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8th September 2017

The art of the table setter

Those (of us) who have retired find that we are great volunteers for the cause. Here I am, on a Friday morning, setting up a community hall for a banquet. One hundred and fifty places. The tables, the chairs, the linen covers, the flatware; all done in a couple of hours. When someone asked if I was a caterer in a former life, I took it as a compliment.

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7th September 2017

Flights of fancy

I’d like to rewind the movie (my movie), back to a time before “walking on the moon”. I attended elementary school in a room filled not by numbers but by grade levels. Five of them. We had one teacher, so a certain level of self-motivation was expected. Of course, small boys can’t focus on arithmetic and phonics for long stretches, so I flew a rocket ship.

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6th September 2017

Finding bridges lost in time

On the Island, people often reference a given location to “the family that used to live there.” High precision, if you happen to be old enough to have known those involved. For the rest of us, not so much.

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5th September 2017

Metrology is my weakness

I think I have a weakness for metrology. Unable to make an accurate measurement, so the analysis is subjective, but I can live with that. As long as I have an accurate clock, and an accurate thermometer, and accurate scales, and an accurate gas gauge, life is good.

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4th September 2017

Time to pitch some pits around

Checked the vessel traffic display earlier, and was surprised to see no ships within range. Zero traffic. Of course, this is Labour Day. The air traffic display shows business as usual, now that it’s getting dark outside.

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3rd September 2017

Slowing the vacation express

In parallel with my life, my desktop has changed to “Windows 7 Basic”. I don’t know why; I’m not bothered enough to spend precious Google time finding out how to reset things back. It’s been a long day, and my priorities lie elsewhere.

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2nd September 2017

Trivia for the family

After skipping the trip to town, this morning, I was under a certain obligation to go out this evening. A trivial obligation, where “the team” continued the tradition of “the win”. Actually, we’re moving into another year without defeat, which is far from trivial.

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1st September 2017

The table headcount is down, slightly

Earlier this week, I happened to listen to one of the streaming services (Spotify, without naming names). Came across a compilation of Can-con from about two decades back that suited my particular tastes. Of course, the album is no longer sold, but with the able assistance of Amazon and a small shop in the Nat-Cap, I placed an order. The CD arrived this afternoon. Now that’s great service!

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31st August 2017

The simplest option

A previous booking of our communal space, by a local community group, left me with few options. I took the simplest one; loaded the two dogs into the car and went for a long ride in the country. Mind you, that’s easy to do, given where we live.

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