18th May 2017

Running on solar power

This afternoon, running on a dose of solar energy, I got things done. In one case, for the first time, ever. Never underestimate the sunshine effect.

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17th May 2017

A fox AND a hummingbird about the place

Today, a first hummingbird buzzed the feeder. As well, a fox traversed between the bird feeders out front, just before suppertime. Although I cannot take personal responsibility for either incident, I’ll accept that something went well today. Oh, and the lawn is cut. Again, no thanks to me.

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16th May 2017

Bumping the camera along

This was a meeting evening. Community service, with a chance to practice my penmanship. In a perfect world, I’d bring along a laptop and do my official recording direct to file; this is not a perfect anything. By scribbling, I extend my workload (decrypting, in large part), but it saves having to volunteer as the go-to IT guy at a time of the day when I would prefer to kick back. I don’t have to prepare the agenda, which is a blessing in so many ways. Just pay attention and take notes, like the good old days in one of those classes in university.

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15th May 2017

Just a dream, thankfully

Had to happen, eventually. After watching the evening news, where the waters are rising, I finally dreamed about my own water hazard. As in, going downstairs and wading in the pool. Sleep gave way to the need to see. Happily, my feet were dry… it was all just a fantastic nightmare. To be fair, I’m getting used to the sump pump.

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14th May 2017

Don’t forget the fada, eh?

The budget rules, in this house, have a single rule. If you are replacing something that you already own, the cost doesn’t count as a splurge. You’re just maintaining the status quo. Making a mad dash on a sunny day, to pick up something in the city is OK. And it requires a household to do things like that. Otherwise, the dog might miss out on most roadtrips. Yes, the Apple count here is up, but that’s only for the moment.

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13th May 2017

A clamber up the tower

In one of those “it ain’t over ’til it’s over” moments, I have just applied a patch to my (virtualized) Windows XP system. For those of you who don’t have a longstanding history with Microsoft, that’s the system that ended, in support terms, just over three years ago. An eternity, in OS terms. But, due to a particularly virulent malware that is playing the “give us all your Bitcoin” game with the world, the powers that be decided that even the obsolete systems should get a patch, now. I don’t go on the ‘net with the machine, except for emergencies like this.

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12th May 2017

Solid deck chairs, at last

We live a long way from town. I was unsure, but townies have told me, so it must be so. Anyhow, if word comes that a delivery will be made, I set the mental clock to “in late afternoon”. The principle hasn’t failed me yet. Our awaited deck furniture came in a big truck, just before suppertime. Familiar driver; he’s “been up here” before. And now, even if the winds pick up, we have a table and chairs that will stay in place. If I announce that the winds took them away, look for a tornado report in the previous paragraph.

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11th May 2017

Almost a diploma

Seems like ages ago, now. I pledged a token amount of money toward the eventual “making of a movie” for some local talent. Today, in the mail, an envelope. Inside, stickers. I guess it must be the thought that counts.

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10th May 2017

Everything is history, eventually

Early on in life, I made a valiant effort to avoid studying history. Didn’t work out well for me, because the subject is everywhere. Better to accept that my species tries to remember and revisit every moment of existence, and then to pass that plate of hash around the table to others. You never know who might be hungry for a spoonful of memories. I’m not part of an oral tradition, exactly, so I find my stories where I can. Books, in large part. Inevitably, in cinema.

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9th May 2017

Proof that times have changed

As the news came up, I realized just how much times have changed. The Prez just fired the Director (of the FBI). Now that would not have happened, back when J Edgar was in the office. No reason has been given, but let’s take it as a sign that things are chaotic in that big, white mansion with the fence all around. I’m looking forward to late night TV, for the usual explanations.

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