12th April 2018

The suppertime playlist

The dog might be smart enough to figure out which hand is holding a Milkbone, but when faced with two loaded fists, he’s helpless. That’s why we don’t send our pets to the higher seats of governance.

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11th April 2018

Turn the pages

There’s something about a good book. Although I’ve joined the modern era and adopted an electronic reader, there’s still pleasure in the written word… one page at a time. If interrupted, I can set my story aside, take care of the immediate and then return without missing a beat. Try that with a movie in an expensive seat.

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10th April 2018

Doing stuff, sort of

In a break with my usual schedule, I actually did some stuff today. Nothing that will restore world peace, or right the wrongs of a generation, but stuff. For example, I practiced rudiments. Look it up; I’m too busy to explain the simple words… And I upgraded firmware in a MIDI router. Not for the faint of heart! Waiting for all those tiny lights to flash was enough to send me for a nap. It didn’t; I still had stuff to do.

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9th April 2018

Following the details

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8th April 2018

After careful consideration

There’s satisfaction in shopping, even when no purchases are included. My experience only; yours may vary. Anyhow, after a couple of hours of watching pertinent YouTube videos, I’m going to put aside any impulsive buying of a 3D printer.

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7th April 2018

Get the data off the page

With another afternoon of local history research “in the can”, I’m going to go out on a limb and declare the book project complete. Except for the eventual print run and sales… but that’s just a detail, right? We met in the community center, and after I handed over the proofreading hints, the group segued into research on a more personal level.

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6th April 2018

Common sense recycling rules

I’ve been working through my list of jobs that have to get done.  Tiny jobs, for the main. That piece of siding, on the front of the house? Snapped back into place, without any need to get abusive or hammer unduly. My proofing job on a manuscript? No stress… punctuation has rules. Shopping for another freezer? Soon. For now, the air is still cold.

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5th April 2018

The musical wealth

I’d almost forgotten how good radio was. Back in the day, there was a set of anthology albums that covered music “as heard on hit radio” during the period of  1955-1970. Just before FM became a “thing”.

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4th April 2018

Excess of foods and distant rumbling

Food shopping by telepathy comes with certain shortcomings. Right now, due to parallel visits to the local market, we own three trays of cinnamon buns and two large blocks of Gouda cheese. I like both items, but if word gets out that I’m eating biscuits with side slabs of congealed dairy, my reputation in the kitchen is going to take a whupping. As for my waist line? Lost cause.

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3rd April 2018

The constant show

The weather is my biggest and best show, bar none. No need to turn on a TV for a spectacle; I just have to stare out the window. And I do. Truth is, not much else happens around here (and that’s how I want it). The music is in my head, but the show is outside.

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