11th November 2017

Chasing the ball back and forth

Too cold. Too windy. The tires will have to wait until a more clement moment.

My attention was elsewhere, anyhow. Today was a “big game day” in university football. The Dunsmore Cup, putting ULaval and UMontreal in the same enclosed space to fight a glorious battle. I would have loved to watch the game, but with all those channels on the satellite TV, nothing. Come on folks; shouldn’t have to wait until the national championship game to see the national champions play.

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10th November 2017

When a front rolls by

Observing weather is an exercise in mathematics. Sure, most of us know that “it” is colder or warmer than at a previous point in time. We also recognize when rain falls. How about if we use a graphic to make the correlation clearer. This is data from this afternoon, just outside my kitchen.

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9th November 2017

Broken sensors

Please, don’t look to the government for financial largesse – at least not at the level of the “little people”. Today, changes to the program for parental leave were announced. You can now draw benefits for an additional. Wait, let me use their terminology:

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8th November 2017

Imagine the sight

“It’s like watching a train wreck” is not the same as “it’s like reading about a train wreck”. After a question on social media about an accident that happened more than 80 years ago, I decided to see just where things happened. Not so simple…

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7th November 2017

Details of a habit

Just out for my, trip of the day, where the community mailbox fights my key. I win. However, I might have to change into long pants, because it is Dark and Cold out there.

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6th November 2017

Additional training required

I don’t always “get” our weather guy jokes; this evening, he said that if the precipitation over the next few days seems to be white in colour… must be an upper Canada thing.

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5th November 2017

The longest day of the year

Suppertime, on the longest day of the year. Forget that 24-hours-in-a-day thing; governments are even able to mess that up. Hence, 25 hours from midnight to midnight, once a year. And to keep things in balance, we’ll have  a 23 hour version in a few months. After we’ve had time to adjust to our jet lag without travel.

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4th November 2017

An opinion on politics

I’m sure it is nurture, not nature. My three sons are all able to hold an opinion on municipal politics, which is a good sign for their future. I asked for predictions on the election tomorrow, and although there was nuance, Quebec City might be in for a wind of change. I’ll be waiting on the results, probably via Twitter. Just like college football, that’s my goto for information that will never make it into local media. Oh yes, the Rouge et Or had another big day, and they’re in the Coupe Dunsmore, next week, against their cross-province rivals the Carabins. Just like other years…

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3rd November 2017

Proved proactive

I anticipated the bulb failure mentioned yesterday, and headed off to the “parts store” at the crack of dawn. Literally; I had the sunrise in the rear view mirror. Not important. What does matter is that with the information I already had, plus the car owner manual which had very different information, plus the lookup tools available to the guy behind the counter… I purchased an assortment of tiny jewels and headed home. Cheap jewels, about $20 total. If I had insisted on LED technology, I could have quadrupled the bill.

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2nd November 2017

The hyperflash

I anticipate. In practical terms, that means that before the car reaches the corner, I turn on the appropriate flashing light (four-way flashers are designed for a whole other purpose). Also, I’ve never been comfortable with sticking my arm out the window, given that other drivers ignore such gestures.

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