21st November 2017

A battle of fingertips

Just last year, I spent an afternoon in a battle of fingertips with a particularly recalcitrant bicycle tire. Told myself that I should get into the city and find a second rim, so that this wouldn’t be a recurring theme in my life (cursing at a rubber ring).

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24th October 2017

Tracking that slow boat from China

The temperature peaked at 22.4C, this afternoon. I’m under an obligation to note such things. As well, there are tomatoes growing on the vines in the garden bed, and I have more than my share of houseflies, clustered on the ceiling. That’s another story, without a proper ending (yet). My swatter can only get a few, each time, before the others swarm indecisively.

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21st October 2017

A closer look at their rig

The last our breakfast meets with the last of the summer folks. Some people need to winter in places like FL and TX; this was our chance to wish them a warm season with no more hurricanes. Discussion turned to mining techniques and some thoughts about RV life. I have experience with neither, so my interventions were limited.

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4th October 2017

Wander under a harvest moon

The small campfire, over by the far corner of the lawn, wasn’t enough. Sure, this might be one of the last evenings of the season; not sufficient. With a full harvest moon, temperate winds (17C) and a “full tank of gas” as the dog likes to say, it was time to wander.

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1st October 2017

Overload of tourists in the town

Some years ago, a very large cruise ship “landed” in Quebec City and the traffic through the area ground to a halt for hours. Fast forward to yesterday, when eight very large cruise ships (including the one from years ago) all arrived in port together. Forget the ballet to give everyone a mooring point. That meant an additional 16,700 tourists exploring the nooks and crannies of the souvenir boutiques.

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18th September 2017

Watched the boat come in

Today, I watched the boat come in. Not “my boat” exactly, but close enough. And I was close enough; could have hit it with a snowball, in a different season. Seen between two wharf walls, they move a lot of water around with the effort to slow and tie up.

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12th September 2017

When I water the peppers

Thanks to a gas-up from the night before, my list of things to do before departure were limited to getting in the car. I’m not going anywhere, actually, but I had to meet the boat before it left; with the assistance of Google directions and a noted lack of construction delays, we arrived on time. The ferry looks much larger when you’re right alongside…

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27th July 2017

Showcasing towns

I like my national TV network. Naysayers abstain; there’s content on there that just won’t be found elsewhere. This evening, I watched an episode of Still Standing, which does a decent job of showcasing towns that don’t get much press, otherwise. We were off to Avondale, NL (where I’ve been) and although the train station didn’t get as much time as I might have liked, I now know a lot more about the community. Thank you, Jonny!

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24th July 2017

In front of the fire

Many people camp. Many others don’t. I’ve had a two year hiatus, so I’m back with a refreshed view of things.

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15th July 2017

Seeking a light

Based ona  a hint from the kitchen calendar, we spent the afternoon seeking the light. A light. A lighthouse. We could have stayed local (there’s one just down the road), but we opted to put some miles on the tires and head cross-country to Point Prim.

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