20th April 2018

A visit to a NEW school

This morning, I was very aware of  the ferry horn. Heard, but not seen, due to the zero visibility in heavy snow squalls. Spring, as we know it in Canada. Not to worry; they’ve got radar, and I think they know the way to the nearest port.  Likewise, when the postal lady stopped by with a parcel, she obviously knew where she was going, even if the road/lane junction was masked.

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4th April 2018

Excess of foods and distant rumbling

Food shopping by telepathy comes with certain shortcomings. Right now, due to parallel visits to the local market, we own three trays of cinnamon buns and two large blocks of Gouda cheese. I like both items, but if word gets out that I’m eating biscuits with side slabs of congealed dairy, my reputation in the kitchen is going to take a whupping. As for my waist line? Lost cause.

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22nd March 2018

A brisk breeze

We were promised a “last blast of winter”; this might be it. Although the morning was clear, the schools did a preemptive closure. We debated going to the city, but held back. I took the time to watch an icebreaker (CCGS Henry Larsen) lead the ferry through the ice (that had blown in yesterday, completely covering what I could see from my window). That’s a first, for this winter; the ice didn’t look thick through the spotting scope, but why take a chance? Call the Coast Guard!

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9th March 2018

Dodgy driving

From now on, when I need a phrase to describe dodgy driving in the winter, I’ll use “only two hours from town”. Covering a multitude of conditions, and drivers. Like that guy in the truck that went sideways each time he accelerated. Or the “Star Wars” light show whenever high beams were required.

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12th February 2018

Medals, galore!

Look at all those medals! I (made the mistake) of turning on notifications from Twitter and elsewhere; the iPad dings like an out-of-control teletype machine. Again, look at all those medals! Not just Canada, but we know where the heart lies.

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7th February 2018

Bemused is not amused

Want to get my dog excited? Be a fox, and walk by his house during daylight hours. While he accepts, barely, that there are wild things in the night, daytime is a whole other issue. Not only does he smell the visitor, he can see it (and this is not a sharp-eyed dog, by any means). Eventually, we’re going to have “close encounter” and I haven’t a clue about how things will go.

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2nd February 2018

Plunging temperature

It doesn’t matter if the groundhog saw its shadow, or didn’t. Or if it bit the CBC camera operator, while going over the fence (the groundhog, not the operator). We live in Canada. Winter will last for as long as it lasts.

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13th January 2018

A world in grey

Outside, there wasn’t much to see. Heavy fog turned my world into a grey shadowy place. Didn’t matter, really. I knew where I wanted to go, and on a weekend, the traffic was minimal. Having got up early for the dog, I simply had an early breakfast before heading (off? up? down? unsure…) to town.

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12th January 2018

Part of the parental checklist

My job as a parent isn’t done yet. Not only do I have a long-term agreement to pamper the family dog, but I have to take care of the seasonal stuff. Just today, after reading weather forecasts from across the sphere of activity, I decided to send out personalized warnings about an impending snow storm; above all, to dress warmly and stock up on potato chips. MY parents never did that for me, but maybe I was better trained about the risks inherent in getting “storm-stayed”. As well, I had to check the car (here) to see if there were lights on inside. Now, that’s not exactly a tick on the parental checklist, but if any of the kids were living here I’d feel an obligation to verify the status of any car they drove. Part of the total care package.

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7th January 2018

Rally round, rounders

The little book seems to have made big ripples in the swamp. Now almost through what should be the quiet period of a news cycle, and the “he said… no, he didn’t” chorus and response continues. Especially on network TV. The Wolff book has made a lot of the presidential team out to be less than gold, so the golden man himself is shouting back. Keep the popcorn coming; we’re early in the movie-to-be.

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