18th September 2017

Watched the boat come in

Today, I watched the boat come in. Not “my boat” exactly, but close enough. And I was close enough; could have hit it with a snowball, in a different season. Seen between two wharf walls, they move a lot of water around with the effort to slow and tie up.

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12th September 2017

When I water the peppers

Thanks to a gas-up from the night before, my list of things to do before departure were limited to getting in the car. I’m not going anywhere, actually, but I had to meet the boat before it left; with the assistance of Google directions and a noted lack of construction delays, we arrived on time. The ferry looks much larger when you’re right alongside…

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11th September 2017

When every basement is wet

Around here, we eat meals. Pretty much every day. Most are eaten because we’re hungry, but the occasional one also serves to mark an occasion. Celebrating birthdays is a good example. This evening, we put some time and effort into things and drove all the way to the city. The curry was worth the trip.

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9th September 2017

Overflow for a quiche experiment

A strange way to mix home and church: treating me as the overflow for a quiche experiment. There’s a breakfast in the parish hall tomorrow morning (I won’t be there). The two and a bit more pans of egg delicacy are done, and I’ve finished a small one all by myself. Doing my part, etc.

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8th September 2017

The art of the table setter

Those (of us) who have retired find that we are great volunteers for the cause. Here I am, on a Friday morning, setting up a community hall for a banquet. One hundred and fifty places. The tables, the chairs, the linen covers, the flatware; all done in a couple of hours. When someone asked if I was a caterer in a former life, I took it as a compliment.

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20th May 2017

Grounded by the breezes

When it comes to identifying the various clients of our seed dispensers, I’m a recognition rookie. Turns out that the robins don’t care for my fare, and when the usual (blue jays) give space, all kinds of new and interesting faces show up. Like this one.

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30th March 2017

Watching for deliveries

For this winter, I’m officially setting aside that whole “March, lamb, lion” silliness. This month came in nasty, and it is going away nasty. Why, even the big blue tractor paid us a visit this morning, doing what I seriously hope will be the final snow-clearing effort of the season. I did some quick math, and I’m getting my money’s worth out of the contract, this year.

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29th March 2017

Where would we be without each other?

While reading through the list of “video games about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame”, I found myself worrying over whether my all-time favourite had made the cut. It had, a couple of years ago. Tetris. Let the world fall on me, as long as order is maintained.

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11th March 2017

Wind chill is better than wind damage

Unsure if we were part of the same storm system, but today the Island got the wind chill. Meanwhile, 700 km away, the Rock got the wind. Lots of it, if the photos from the #nlwx on Twitter were evidence.

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5th March 2017

Blowing in every direction

Tonight, I did a factory reset on my cellphone. Put the ducks back in a row, etc. Given that I closed out my contract going on two years ago, it seemed like a logical step. Now I can experiment with all the cool options; might even go for a jailbreak and an alternate operating system. Or not. No rush in my world. I would like to “unlock” the device, given that it belongs to me. Not sure why the last carrier believes I owe loyalty.

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