24th February 2017

Make the stones stay

A little bit of freezing rain. No big deal, except… every move outside must be measured. We were out for a family supper, which means that time passed quickly. When the weather warning went out, so did I.

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14th February 2017

In the wake of the storm

The storm did not last through the night. In fact, our lane was cleared before coffee this morning. Nevertheless, we stayed home; the road plows are keeping a single track clear, and the message from the civil authorities was also clear. Stay home. The university, various colleges and the public schools took the advice, as did the government offices. Oh, and us.

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10th February 2017

There will be a do-over

There was, it seems, a storm last night. I was on standby, but by daybreak the outcome was clear. A bit of snow on the ground. Actually, only on the front walk. How does that work? In the back of the house, no new levels to report (or shovel). There will be another one, later in the weekend. A do-over, if you will. Maybe the snow shoes will finally come out of storage.

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9th February 2017

Off the beaten tracks

Went and got my storm chips, because there’s a nor’easter coming through overnight. I mean, not that I’m going to leap from my bed and throw open the shutters, but if the urge to munch and crunch comes over me… my dietary penance is already done. I had fresh fruit for supper, so any lapse will be fair.

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3rd February 2017

The physics of drifting snow

Despite having a lot of available time, I’ve made a decision. I’m not going to learn “latte art”. The realization that I prefer my coffee black has a lot to do with it, and also the metaphor about painting a cloud. The crema is ephemeral. However, I would like to up my “knock box” skills.

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27th January 2017

Park avoidance

Our national parkland authority has issued a report, confirming that half of the reserved lands are now in “fair or poor” condition. The downturn is due, for the main, to the installations of facilities for needy humans. If I might offer a solution: go back to treating the reserves as parks, and let only those that are prepared come to visit. The land won’t lose any value, and we don’t need to have a coffee bar for everyone.

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7th January 2017

Is it storm chip time, yet?

Too quiet. Pretty much the whole Island is waiting on a big snow storm, due to begin between now and bedtime. From social media, the reports are that snow chips are on counters through the land. Those that fear a dry spell have filled the tub with water. Shovels are close at hand. And now we wait.

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4th January 2017

Wind damage

Without a tone of panic in my voice, I take high winds seriously. All that rattling and rocking is just cause for alarm. A few shingles, gone astray, can lead to larger problems. Today, the winds were as strong as two days ago, but nothing came loose. Just across the way (OK, 80 km over open water, but visible on a clear day), the winds reached peaks of  more than 160 km, about double what we received. And this happened…

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28th December 2016


Skating, as a spectator sport. Maybe you enjoy compulsory figures, or a mad hockey dash. Me? I prefer watching provincial premiers explain how their “carbon tax” plan won’t affect the citizen. Skating, on thin ice. Only a matter of time before one of the lads in the expensive suits gets a good soaking. I hope.

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16th December 2016

The tyranny of winter

For three decades, I was subject to the tyranny of winter. Or more accurately, the work rules. During my productive period, pay for work required that I be present (as in most places) and if a patch of stormy weather interfered, that was just too bad.

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