14th April 2018

The real signs of summer returning

Busy day by my measure. I decided that joining a small circle of acquaintances for breakfast would be a change from routine; after all, the winter seclusion has to end eventually. Off at the appointed time and I even remembered to throw in a cash stop, so that I can pay my winter bill (snow throw).

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12th April 2018

The suppertime playlist

The dog might be smart enough to figure out which hand is holding a Milkbone, but when faced with two loaded fists, he’s helpless. That’s why we don’t send our pets to the higher seats of governance.

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4th April 2018

Excess of foods and distant rumbling

Food shopping by telepathy comes with certain shortcomings. Right now, due to parallel visits to the local market, we own three trays of cinnamon buns and two large blocks of Gouda cheese. I like both items, but if word gets out that I’m eating biscuits with side slabs of congealed dairy, my reputation in the kitchen is going to take a whupping. As for my waist line? Lost cause.

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1st April 2018

Think they chased the bunny

Given the absence of new chocolate around the house, I have to assume that the famous bunny missed his stop. No surprise, really. We were up, mid-way through the night, watching a number of coyotes out in the driveway. Scared us, and bunnies aren’t any braver.

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29th March 2018

Too many to consume

The local restaurant industry is at it again. A whole month devoted to the art of the hamburger. In my case, a test of the validity of cognitive dissonance. In my heart, I realize that I’m not going to range about the province, from tip to tip, trying to work my way through an average of three plates, every day (there are 85 entries, this time around). Kitchens that usually get rated on the excellence of their pan-fried haddock have joined the rush.

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19th March 2018

Another day without squatting to buy

I’ve reached the age where I find myself asking clerks in the grocery store to help me find a particular blend of peanut butter. I don’t even eat peanut butter (but it was on my list). Why? Well, when faced with squatting in the aisle and getting all “Facetime” with an amazing array of similar products, or simply asking the lad with the inventory pistol to help me out, I know the rule. He might get to keep his job, because he seemed useful when the manager was crossing the floor; I get to wait to crawl around. Win/win.

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5th March 2018

The robot and I

The wonder of bread; I’m back in like with my personal kitchen robot, who can turn a bag of flour into deliciousness. Sure, some time and electricity are involved, but that’s the modern take on a process that goes back to the  dusty corner of history.

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26th February 2018

In my lab

In my ongoing round of research in organic chemistry, I’ve “set” my third batch of yogurt. The first time, I followed protocol; scalded milk, cooled slowly to a precise temperature; added the package of prepared culture from the organic chemistry store in the city; waited the prescribed twelve hours. Result? Fair. A bit soupy. Still good to eat.

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15th February 2018

Culture creation

This is not the time to stress unduly, but the heirs to the world curling crown are down two games in a row in the Olympics. That’s not considered as “best strategy” when your goal is gold, right? I must wait until tomorrow and see if there is improvement, before getting all topsy-turvy about misdirected rocks.

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11th February 2018

Preparing for cultures

This morning, my “Bain Marie” came out from the back of a cupboard. Hadn’t given much thought to it, in better than 35 years. You see, we’re preparing to go cultural here; should I say cultured? How about “living with culture”. Unsure, but we are going to make yogurt again, soon. The incubator is ready, we have a starter kit from the health store, and I’m shopping for an inexpensive source of powdered milk. Not sure that exists, in passing. We also watched some video lessons on the preparation of Kombucha, but that’s a whole other animal.

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