5th November 2017

The longest day of the year

Suppertime, on the longest day of the year. Forget that 24-hours-in-a-day thing; governments are even able to mess that up. Hence, 25 hours from midnight to midnight, once a year. And to keep things in balance, we’ll have  a 23 hour version in a few months. After we’ve had time to adjust to our jet lag without travel.

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23rd October 2017

Mastery of the lesson

Isn’t it ironic, that just as the campfire season draws to a close, we have some proper firewood? We received a gift (from people bound for a warmer section of the continent) of a half dozen proper log sections. The kind that will require splitting, once I find something that acts like an axe. No, I don’t intend to get all lumberjack and go off to the hardware store seeking a lethal weapon; there’s a dull hatchet in the garage, and that’s dangerous enough. Learning to sharpen steel is on my “to do list”.

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12th October 2017

Up a back road

I could have gone and got vaccinated, but I didn’t. Decided that with a prior engagement (this evening), I’d postpone the pain and suffering until tomorrow. Or next week. Eventually. I’ll get it done, OK?

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10th October 2017

Against an intelligent adversary, he’s hopeless

Had our first visit from a raccoon, last evening. I’m not sure if it “means” anything, but I’m worried. Unlike the coyotes that wander through, or the squirrels that are here for the seeds, the proverbial bandit of the woods is an unknown quantity. Will he sneak in if we lower our guard? The dog was on guard, but against an intelligent adversary, he’s hopeless. Offer the dog one of his own biscuits and profit from the distraction. We had the beast in the beam of my best flashlight, and he preened!

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7th October 2017

Overgrown forest

Not sure if it qualifies as a medical condition, but I have a soft spot in my heart. For old photos. No kiddies, your selfies from last week don’t qualify. I want a bit of history in my pics, the better to learn things.

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5th October 2017

Treasured individuality

Is there something happening? Three different households have been emptied in the last twenty-four hours. Sure, they’re not “permanent people”; there’s a class of citizen that never sees the beauty of a winter storm in this area. But… but… storms are far off, in the distant future, right?.

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3rd October 2017

Technically a crime scene

This morning, we awoke to discover that our front yard was now (technically) a crime scene. We had heard nothing, but that’s the way with the best murder mysteries (as I learned while reading Sherlock Holmes stories in high school). Even the dog had remained silent. In fact, if he hadn’t required his constitutional outside, we might not have noticed until much later in the day. So far, the authorities haven’t been contacted, because I am at a loss to decide who actually has jurisdiction. As the hours pass, the chances of the perp being found are declining (I learned that from some TV show).

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25th September 2017

We did explore the wye

What my last coffee wasn’t and my next coffee won’t be: “a caramel pumpkin spice latté”. Some things are just wrong!

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23rd September 2017

Too much excitement (almost)

Too much excitement for one day (almost). The temperature moderated enough that we went out for breakfast. The dog was left in the car, with windows and shade and regular checks on a little dial indicator kept in the car for just such moments; “no hot dogs on my table.” And then, after a productive afternoon at home, we went out and won at trivia. Yes, again. A mature mindset has put us on top for over a year now.

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19th September 2017

Sliding into autumn

We’re sliding into autumn. Yesterday, on the way north through the province, some of the trees had already changed colours. In the garden, a bumper crop of tomatoes (varied shapes, sizes, colours). A change in the bird count around the place. Dark at an early hour (everything is comparative). Software updates, galore.

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