14th September 2017

No, there’s no umbrella

This morning’s forecast set my day in motion. With beautiful weather inbound, the dog and I went shopping before the school bus parade had even started. I needed soap and extension cords; we were done and back home before my need for coffee had kicked in. How early? Well, the cash registers were closed, and my purchases were checked through by the guy back in building supplies. Small town commerce.

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28th July 2017

Waiting for the story to wrap

This morning, I washed and dried a sweatshirt. Finding the cord that cinches the hood, out completely, showed that agitation does a “number” on things. The cord is back in place, but next time around I’ll secure the ends in a friendly knot.

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13th June 2017

Distracting all within earshot

Some fads come along at the wrong time. After seeing a mention of a “stress reduction device for the office”, I had to peek. In essence, an expensive “fidget spinner”. You might have heard those mentioned as the newest plague to invade the teaching zone in a school near you. I’m now left trying to imagine the reaction my department head (or the nice people over in HR) might have given, if I had placed a few of these in plain view.

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9th June 2017

Names, bracketed by dates

Oh, my aching head! I took the day off from newsfeeds, and when I stumble back within range, what do I learn? Well, predictable things. The Prez has refuted the testimony (was that only yesterday) of the former FBI guy. Claims that it is all lies, that none of it happened, and if it did it happened in another way. There really are parallel universes! So, what’s next?

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8th June 2017

Start fittings for the “impeached” blazer

After listening to the live broadcast of the Comey Chronicles, I remain convinced that this is going to be an interesting summer for those who get their tricks from the ultimate blood sport (Politics). The man stayed calm, but he left no doubt in my mind: the current president is going to get the “impeached” blazer for his wardrobe. Just a question of when to start the fittings.

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27th May 2017

Counting in action

I moved to a different new channel, at suppertime. The things you learn! Hat’s off to the City of St. John’s, which is moving to “automated garbage collection”, soon. For the rest of us, this refers to trucks with a hydraulic arm to dump your bin into the back. As I see it, welcome to the 20th century!

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26th May 2017

Not on my list

Watched a movie that caught me off guard, due to the humour. Called Mindhorn and has a number of cast members that are familiar faces. Also a chance to look around the Isle of Man. Altogether a good way to spend a rainy evening. No Oscar contention here, but sometimes you just need a simple distraction. Thank you, Netflix.

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19th May 2017

When the business acumen is lacking

Ever play “frozen tag” when you were a kid? This afternoon, when a front passed through, my local temperature fell from 26C to 8C in just over three hours (mid afternoon). Now, there are no kids in statue poses around the yard, but that’s probably due to the lack of kids. Just kidding, almost.

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17th May 2017

A fox AND a hummingbird about the place

Today, a first hummingbird buzzed the feeder. As well, a fox traversed between the bird feeders out front, just before suppertime. Although I cannot take personal responsibility for either incident, I’ll accept that something went well today. Oh, and the lawn is cut. Again, no thanks to me.

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9th May 2017

Proof that times have changed

As the news came up, I realized just how much times have changed. The Prez just fired the Director (of the FBI). Now that would not have happened, back when J Edgar was in the office. No reason has been given, but let’s take it as a sign that things are chaotic in that big, white mansion with the fence all around. I’m looking forward to late night TV, for the usual explanations.

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