4th November 2017

An opinion on politics

I’m sure it is nurture, not nature. My three sons are all able to hold an opinion on municipal politics, which is a good sign for their future. I asked for predictions on the election tomorrow, and although there was nuance, Quebec City might be in for a wind of change. I’ll be waiting on the results, probably via Twitter. Just like college football, that’s my goto for information that will never make it into local media. Oh yes, the Rouge et Or had another big day, and they’re in the Coupe Dunsmore, next week, against their cross-province rivals the Carabins. Just like other years…

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27th October 2017

Can you change a lightbulb?

“But can you change a lightbulb?” Silly question, really; most people can. How about “Can you rebuild the infrastructure for a small country?” Sure, with enough people. However, the firm that has been contracted to repair Puerto Rico is, nominally, two people. Well-connected people, obviously. They’ve scored a $300 million jackpot, and no matter how badly they mess up threading those lightbulbs, the money will be in the bank.

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25th October 2017

Disappeared from the ceiling dance hall

A bit of a back ache; all that is needed to demonstrate just how poorly engineered the human body is. At least, for some. I’m almost done of the discomfort, due to my stubborn streak, but I can see how an ongoing bout would sap the strength. Bed isn’t the best place to spend the day.

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20th October 2017

They’re talking to their audience (as usual)

Forget the razzle dazzle factor. I have the local PC leadership convention running in the background (so I’ll know who the next leader will be). Paint the whole thing in tones of grey, eh. If you say the organization name often enough, it seems to calm the assembled masses.

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19th October 2017

Spritz the pots

My amp is less noisy, now. Only required that I unplug the guitar, and then carefully spritz all the “pots” with that can of degunk spray that has been hiding for years, along with a regime of knob twisting. Have to wait until later in the week to see if my fix lasted more than a country minute.

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17th October 2017

Tax fritter

Another batch of old pictures, on the web today. This set goes back to the time of my great-grandparents, so a full century ago. The local parish church, which no person alive in the area has ever seen. It tickles my fancy; particularly because the one photo is in focus and properly exposed. Score a point for a long-gone photographer.

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1st October 2017

Overload of tourists in the town

Some years ago, a very large cruise ship “landed” in Quebec City and the traffic through the area ground to a halt for hours. Fast forward to yesterday, when eight very large cruise ships (including the one from years ago) all arrived in port together. Forget the ballet to give everyone a mooring point. That meant an additional 16,700 tourists exploring the nooks and crannies of the souvenir boutiques.

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26th September 2017

Hottest day in ages

For me, there is great satisfaction in knowing about my local weather. I want to go beyond “Nice day, eh!”. Quantification, where possible. Take today, as a small example:

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22nd September 2017

Threw caution to the wind

The calendar brags about the seasonal change; the weather forecast belies the condition. Still warm outside, and we’re not ready to throw frost blankets over the garden. At least not for the next few days. Things change; usually faster than desired.

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14th September 2017

No, there’s no umbrella

This morning’s forecast set my day in motion. With beautiful weather inbound, the dog and I went shopping before the school bus parade had even started. I needed soap and extension cords; we were done and back home before my need for coffee had kicked in. How early? Well, the cash registers were closed, and my purchases were checked through by the guy back in building supplies. Small town commerce.

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