17th January 2018

Let the tolls go

In Canada, going to prison because you want some time alone just got harder. The courts (no link to that whole prison thing, apparently) has declared that unlimited solitary confinement is not allowed. Not only do you have to hang out in the crowbar hotel, but you have to mingle with the other guests.

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9th January 2018

As the sweater unravels

To better understand what is happening in the long march to impeachment, I may have a reasonable analogy to offer up. Consider the whole process from “deciding to run” through “eating cheeseburgers in bed”. Slow; akin to knitting a big sweater with needles and balls of yarn.

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7th January 2018

Rally round, rounders

The little book seems to have made big ripples in the swamp. Now almost through what should be the quiet period of a news cycle, and the “he said… no, he didn’t” chorus and response continues. Especially on network TV. The Wolff book has made a lot of the presidential team out to be less than gold, so the golden man himself is shouting back. Keep the popcorn coming; we’re early in the movie-to-be.

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5th January 2018

Scandal, between the covers

Scandal! What’s not to love. Keeps the after-supper TV going, fuels a whole rack of particular magazines (People…), inspires the talking heads to continue talking on the radio. And what if there was a book? Released early to counter the possible lawsuits of the main protagonist? Today, an inside look at the first few months of life in the White House hit the shelves, and Washington is going crazy.

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13th December 2017

Red vs Blue

Who needs to watch sports, when we have politics. Red vs Blue. Technical fouls. Fans that are fanatics. Last night, that battle down in “the South” came down to the usual winner/loser, even if the loser (in so many senses) claims that he won’t accept the victory of his opponent until after an official recount. No matter. It was just a game, right. In fact, I’m already waiting for the next matchup. Pity that I can’t find a season schedule.

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12th December 2017

Politics is a video game

Without reading too much into things, I have to mention that there were four byelections yesterday, for the federal Parliament. The party in power won three out of four. Can’t sit well with the new kids on the block (two other parties), who have to be aware that the level of satisfaction with the older kid on the block means that their quest for power (in the next general round) won’t be an easy one. Politics is a video game, in many ways.

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2nd December 2017

ShopVac utility

Brought the “immolation altar” inside for the winter, and decided/remembered that a certain amount of cleanliness will make the sacrifice even better. A job for the ShopVac!

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1st December 2017

The talking heads were giddy

This afternoon, certain of the daily talkshow hosts (on TV, in the US, as seen via YouTube) were positively giddy. Earlier in the cycle (think breakfast time), one of the bigger fish in the Trump School of Governance pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. That’s a big one, down south; the FBI caught Capone and others, back in history.

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4th November 2017

An opinion on politics

I’m sure it is nurture, not nature. My three sons are all able to hold an opinion on municipal politics, which is a good sign for their future. I asked for predictions on the election tomorrow, and although there was nuance, Quebec City might be in for a wind of change. I’ll be waiting on the results, probably via Twitter. Just like college football, that’s my goto for information that will never make it into local media. Oh yes, the Rouge et Or had another big day, and they’re in the Coupe Dunsmore, next week, against their cross-province rivals the Carabins. Just like other years…

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27th October 2017

Can you change a lightbulb?

“But can you change a lightbulb?” Silly question, really; most people can. How about “Can you rebuild the infrastructure for a small country?” Sure, with enough people. However, the firm that has been contracted to repair Puerto Rico is, nominally, two people. Well-connected people, obviously. They’ve scored a $300 million jackpot, and no matter how badly they mess up threading those lightbulbs, the money will be in the bank.

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