26th March 2017

Gold in the rocks

Knowing the outcome long before “my broadcast” removed none of the satisfaction. Early this morning, the Homan rink made Canadian history. After a complete round robin tournament without a loss, followed by the necessary playoff games, the team completed the week with the gold medal. World champions. How special was it? Well, Rachel smiled…

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23rd March 2017

Another step toward (Kodi) happiness

On the Island, whether or not depends. For the weather, I mean. The blizzard looks to have missed this area, completely. We had about 10% of the snow received a scant 50 km west of here; ditto for the winds. Mind, we were storm stayed just the same, given that all the plows were parked out of harm’s way.

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14th March 2017

Dehair the dog

The report is in, from a family member: that Holi Festival with the rainbow of coloured powders is real. No word on what breathing the dust is like.

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5th March 2017

Blowing in every direction

Tonight, I did a factory reset on my cellphone. Put the ducks back in a row, etc. Given that I closed out my contract going on two years ago, it seemed like a logical step. Now I can experiment with all the cool options; might even go for a jailbreak and an alternate operating system. Or not. No rush in my world. I would like to “unlock” the device, given that it belongs to me. Not sure why the last carrier believes I owe loyalty.

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28th February 2017

More Pi possibilities

I’m unable to keep up. Another variety of Raspberry Pi announced and shipped today. Keep this up, and that IofT (Internet of Things) will be more than a wish. Already, people are planning how to turn a ten-spot into something of value!

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20th February 2017

Resigned to the wired solution

Next on my list of small purchases: a good length of Cat 5 cable. After spending the afternoon, concentrated on the “what is wrong with this webcam?” question, I think the answer is clear. My wifi just isn’t getting from one end of the house, through a series of walls and out to the garage. Ergo, the camera gets confused and gives up on the goal.

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15th February 2017

Keep telling our stories

It’s all about the stories, really. The best reason to read a book, or watch a movie, or sit with friends and talk. The stories. Sometimes, the story has to end: Stuart McLean died this morning, and the Vinyl Cafe is now shuttered, permanently.

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14th February 2017

In the wake of the storm

The storm did not last through the night. In fact, our lane was cleared before coffee this morning. Nevertheless, we stayed home; the road plows are keeping a single track clear, and the message from the civil authorities was also clear. Stay home. The university, various colleges and the public schools took the advice, as did the government offices. Oh, and us.

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14th January 2017

An aggravation

The risk with data mining is that “they” might notice me. I logged into my satellite provider’s website this afternoon, in part to check that our recent payment had been registered. And, while there, I decided to check on what it could cost me if I wanted to add a channel or two.

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2nd January 2017

Recalling Blackpool

As long as my ISP doesn’t apply a data cap, I’ll be fine. We have slow access here; it never gets above 3.1 MBps. We make do. Once in a while, I have to squeeze the tube a bit.

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