21st April 2018

So pumped

Despite the fragility of a plastic panel, I was not deterred with my most recent project. A slip of the hand, a nod to gravity and hard surfaces; the end piece for my new audio player cracked. But, hey. We have plastic cement for plastics, right? Just a matter of trial and error, to find out which tube works with an unidentified variety of polycarbonate

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20th April 2018

A visit to a NEW school

This morning, I was very aware of  the ferry horn. Heard, but not seen, due to the zero visibility in heavy snow squalls. Spring, as we know it in Canada. Not to worry; they’ve got radar, and I think they know the way to the nearest port.  Likewise, when the postal lady stopped by with a parcel, she obviously knew where she was going, even if the road/lane junction was masked.

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16th April 2018

Skating on very thin ice

Skating videos. From downtown Ottawa and downtown Quebec City. Who would have thought? It’s that freezing rain; removes friction from the equation, even though gravity is still in force. Our turn is scheduled for tomorrow morning, which is why I have pile all my recycling bags by the curb. Should the monthly truck arrive at the right time, I can learn the technique for industrial icebreaking.

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15th April 2018

My logbooks are here

I have a number of hobbies that are, simply, technical in nature. Nothing that others can’t handle. I mean, we accept that someone who wants to drive a car on a public highway has a minimum of experience, right? In my case, I put in a winter of driving around in small circles before passing a test.

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10th April 2018

Doing stuff, sort of

In a break with my usual schedule, I actually did some stuff today. Nothing that will restore world peace, or right the wrongs of a generation, but stuff. For example, I practiced rudiments. Look it up; I’m too busy to explain the simple words… And I upgraded firmware in a MIDI router. Not for the faint of heart! Waiting for all those tiny lights to flash was enough to send me for a nap. It didn’t; I still had stuff to do.

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8th April 2018

After careful consideration

There’s satisfaction in shopping, even when no purchases are included. My experience only; yours may vary. Anyhow, after a couple of hours of watching pertinent YouTube videos, I’m going to put aside any impulsive buying of a 3D printer.

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28th March 2018

A clash of steel

In the distance, a horse neighs. Within minutes, the clash of steel as a sword fight continues. I’m in a willing suspension of belief; why else would there be warriors in the very next room? Oh, right… a gaming console.

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20th March 2018

Among the inevitables

Some things are inevitable, even if the fit isn’t ready for prime time. First up, the electric car. In my media feed, an ad for the Chevy Volt. Looks nice, as long as you stay very close to home. Turns out that it has a useful range of 85 km per charge. I could get to the city, but I’d have to stay there. Think I’ll remain a client of big oil for a bit longer.

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5th March 2018

The robot and I

The wonder of bread; I’m back in like with my personal kitchen robot, who can turn a bag of flour into deliciousness. Sure, some time and electricity are involved, but that’s the modern take on a process that goes back to the  dusty corner of history.

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15th January 2018

A find from my childhood

Sixty years ago, the railroad was important. Here, at least. The tracks ran from tip to tip to tip, and trains meandered from vale through vale to vale (we have very few hills here). I was part of all that. And no locomotive seemed more ubiquitous (from my shortsighted perspective) than the GE 70-tonner.

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