23rd May 2017

A first visit to the parts store

After receiving a suggestion about an effective nut remover (keep the jokes, please), I Googled the brand name, so as to avoid appearing like the total newbie that I am. For those who want to buy in, without doing their own testing, the product is known as “PB B’laster Penetrant”. I can’t tell you if it works well, but I now own a small aerosol container. Details to follow.

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17th May 2017

A fox AND a hummingbird about the place

Today, a first hummingbird buzzed the feeder. As well, a fox traversed between the bird feeders out front, just before suppertime. Although I cannot take personal responsibility for either incident, I’ll accept that something went well today. Oh, and the lawn is cut. Again, no thanks to me.

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15th May 2017

Just a dream, thankfully

Had to happen, eventually. After watching the evening news, where the waters are rising, I finally dreamed about my own water hazard. As in, going downstairs and wading in the pool. Sleep gave way to the need to see. Happily, my feet were dry… it was all just a fantastic nightmare. To be fair, I’m getting used to the sump pump.

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12th May 2017

Solid deck chairs, at last

We live a long way from town. I was unsure, but townies have told me, so it must be so. Anyhow, if word comes that a delivery will be made, I set the mental clock to “in late afternoon”. The principle hasn’t failed me yet. Our awaited deck furniture came in a big truck, just before suppertime. Familiar driver; he’s “been up here” before. And now, even if the winds pick up, we have a table and chairs that will stay in place. If I announce that the winds took them away, look for a tornado report in the previous paragraph.

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3rd May 2017

All quiet on the car, once again

Unlike yesterday, where my awakening was too early for my own good, I didn’t roust out today until the telephone rang. The car was ready, and I was the anointed one. Get dressed, walk up the way and pay what was due. At least the temperature was up; no danger of frostbite. Car repairs cost what they cost, but the fee schedule locally is very (very) reasonable. Besides the “support your local merchants” feel good part, the only repairs effected are those required. I know, we’ve tried to see if there could be other jobs to get done. Nope. Our shocks are just fine.

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29th April 2017

Awake for setting

Blame it on a restless dog, or a round of thunder, or just anticipation. I knew there would be traffic on the road, this morning. With two cars going by, before sunrise, that counts as congestion. I jest… but this is “Setting Day” which counts as one of the more important dates on the local calendar. At six in the morning, the skippers sprint to their preferred grounds, and the hunt for the lobster begins. Between now and the end of June, a lot of frozen fish will be offered as an attraction, and a lot of scavenging “sea bugs” will go into the cage and take a quick trip to the surface.

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19th April 2017

Put away your Sharpie, please

May I suggest that there be a lesson session (in electrician college) devoted to proper labels. In the breaker panel, at least. Put away your trusty Sharpie. Don’t scribble. Match the label to the circuit (otherwise the exercise is futile).

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26th March 2017

Gold in the rocks

Knowing the outcome long before “my broadcast” removed none of the satisfaction. Early this morning, the Homan rink made Canadian history. After a complete round robin tournament without a loss, followed by the necessary playoff games, the team completed the week with the gold medal. World champions. How special was it? Well, Rachel smiled…

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23rd March 2017

Another step toward (Kodi) happiness

On the Island, whether or not depends. For the weather, I mean. The blizzard looks to have missed this area, completely. We had about 10% of the snow received a scant 50 km west of here; ditto for the winds. Mind, we were storm stayed just the same, given that all the plows were parked out of harm’s way.

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14th March 2017

Dehair the dog

The report is in, from a family member: that Holi Festival with the rainbow of coloured powders is real. No word on what breathing the dust is like.

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