26th February 2018

In my lab

In my ongoing round of research in organic chemistry, I’ve “set” my third batch of yogurt. The first time, I followed protocol; scalded milk, cooled slowly to a precise temperature; added the package of prepared culture from the organic chemistry store in the city; waited the prescribed twelve hours. Result? Fair. A bit soupy. Still good to eat.

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23rd February 2018

Got grease?

Following the visit of the kids last summer, I received advice that (going forward) my garage door would need to be lubricated, eventually. Not sure where the kid in question picked up such knowledge, but after a quick Google consultation, I am now the proud owner of a spray can of lithium grease. Next step, find out where the door squeaks, I guess.

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7th February 2018

Bemused is not amused

Want to get my dog excited? Be a fox, and walk by his house during daylight hours. While he accepts, barely, that there are wild things in the night, daytime is a whole other issue. Not only does he smell the visitor, he can see it (and this is not a sharp-eyed dog, by any means). Eventually, we’re going to have “close encounter” and I haven’t a clue about how things will go.

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5th January 2018

Scandal, between the covers

Scandal! What’s not to love. Keeps the after-supper TV going, fuels a whole rack of particular magazines (People…), inspires the talking heads to continue talking on the radio. And what if there was a book? Released early to counter the possible lawsuits of the main protagonist? Today, an inside look at the first few months of life in the White House hit the shelves, and Washington is going crazy.

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28th December 2017

Sit while the world rolls by

A succinct summary of the day: the car started, so we drove until dark. What else can I add? We had a destination, and we arrived in the allotted time period.

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25th December 2017

Here for the meal

Yesterday we partied. Today we eat (ate). Headed back to the big house around noon, and spent the afternoon preparing supper for a possible thirty faces. Haven’t seen the official count, but that sounds about right.

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22nd December 2017

City sidewalks, cold and uncomfortable

Cold outside. Notwithstanding the lack of serious windchill, this is the first time I’ve seen the dog dancing. Serious paw discomfort on the bare city sidewalks; he clued in and tried to stay in the snow, because, you know, cold. I didn’t remove my shoes in a show of solidarity, because, you know, human wisdom.

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19th November 2017

Running out of time

Tick-tock tick-tock tick!! Not so much a clock stopping as us running out of time. Despite vigilance and a regular renewal of the pesticide-embedded collar, the dog had picked up a passenger.

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15th September 2017

But why the delay?

I don’t know much about “product distribution networks”, given that I tend to buy retail. What I do know is that other places get access to cool stuff before we do. I’ve had my eye on some new gear for the last couple of weeks; saw the announcements, twigged that it was something I’d like to own, checked the price point, etc.

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2nd August 2017

That bright light outside; is it normal?

Is this an effect of age, or cable TV? I’m rolling down the local road, minding my own business (and the speed limit). In the rear-view mirror I realize there’s a rather large truck, close at hand. The movie Duel comes to mind…

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