19th November 2017

Running out of time

Tick-tock tick-tock tick!! Not so much a clock stopping as us running out of time. Despite vigilance and a regular renewal of the pesticide-embedded collar, the dog had picked up a passenger.

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15th September 2017

But why the delay?

I don’t know much about “product distribution networks”, given that I tend to buy retail. What I do know is that other places get access to cool stuff before we do. I’ve had my eye on some new gear for the last couple of weeks; saw the announcements, twigged that it was something I’d like to own, checked the price point, etc.

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2nd August 2017

That bright light outside; is it normal?

Is this an effect of age, or cable TV? I’m rolling down the local road, minding my own business (and the speed limit). In the rear-view mirror I realize there’s a rather large truck, close at hand. The movie Duel comes to mind…

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18th July 2017

Shake the ziggurat

The extended version of my family grew a little, overnight. Another “grandie” on the tree. There’s enough of them, now, that I can start planning that baseball team I’ve (never) wanted. Given that family reunions are rare, in my circle (the last one dates back to 2005 and only included a segment of that circle), I doubt we’ll actually lob any softballs, but the possibility is there. In any case, welcome to the newest member (and all those who joined before; I realize that I didn’t give you mention at the time).

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20th May 2017

Grounded by the breezes

When it comes to identifying the various clients of our seed dispensers, I’m a recognition rookie. Turns out that the robins don’t care for my fare, and when the usual (blue jays) give space, all kinds of new and interesting faces show up. Like this one.

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19th May 2017

When the business acumen is lacking

Ever play “frozen tag” when you were a kid? This afternoon, when a front passed through, my local temperature fell from 26C to 8C in just over three hours (mid afternoon). Now, there are no kids in statue poses around the yard, but that’s probably due to the lack of kids. Just kidding, almost.

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29th March 2017

Where would we be without each other?

While reading through the list of “video games about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame”, I found myself worrying over whether my all-time favourite had made the cut. It had, a couple of years ago. Tetris. Let the world fall on me, as long as order is maintained.

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25th March 2017

Hardware stores equal temptations

Half-past eight, in the evening. Local time. Around me, things are darker than usual, because I’m a participant in the worldwide Earth Hour. Can’t tell if my neighbours are involved; distance and heavy tree cover change the mood. I did notice an invitation on the electronic sign, as we drove through town earlier.

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16th March 2017

Proactive activities

The dog may not realize this, but I am proactive on his behalf. Not to be caught with my head buried in the sand, or worse, with the head of a tick buried in his flank, I bought him a brand new flea and tick collar for the upcoming season. Why, one announcement claimed that the wee buggers are active once the temperatures get up above 4C. Today we barely scratched thaw levels, but it’s just a matter of time. We are now prepared.

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13th March 2017

Lyrical identity

I’m going to have to find more exciting things to do with my day. Right now, I’m starting to identify (closely) with selected lyrics from the music of my youth. An example:

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