10th April 2018

Doing stuff, sort of

In a break with my usual schedule, I actually did some stuff today. Nothing that will restore world peace, or right the wrongs of a generation, but stuff. For example, I practiced rudiments. Look it up; I’m too busy to explain the simple words… And I upgraded firmware in a MIDI router. Not for the faint of heart! Waiting for all those tiny lights to flash was enough to send me for a nap. It didn’t; I still had stuff to do.

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19th March 2018

Another day without squatting to buy

I’ve reached the age where I find myself asking clerks in the grocery store to help me find a particular blend of peanut butter. I don’t even eat peanut butter (but it was on my list). Why? Well, when faced with squatting in the aisle and getting all “Facetime” with an amazing array of similar products, or simply asking the lad with the inventory pistol to help me out, I know the rule. He might get to keep his job, because he seemed useful when the manager was crossing the floor; I get to wait to crawl around. Win/win.

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18th March 2018


Last evening, I watched an older movie. Not old; that would make it historic. This was from my childhood. Mid-Eisenhower days. The Long Haul, shot in B&W, in Britain. Left me with a lot of questions.

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15th March 2018

My new flow of consciousness

Looking outside, I don’t quite know how I should approach that whole question of “what does one wear?”. Yesterday, no snow on the ground. This morning, very white. This afternoon, no snow on the ground. This evening, very white. Pardon my confusion.

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16th February 2018

Reduced flexibility

Perhaps getting older is just a reduction in flexibility. Not just the “put on my shoes” kind; I no longer find that I absorb new (or remarkably different) ideologies. My ability to be brainwashed has diminished.

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20th January 2018

New old beans

Did you know that coffee beans are due for a scientific experiment? After our recent freezer failure, I happened to have some older bags of beans. With a new shipment of fine Tarrrazu (brought back from our travels) ready to join the barista corner stocks, I decided to get rid of one of those older bags. Well, not “get rid of”; how about “use”, given the value.

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19th January 2018

Socially acceptable games

I cannot tell a lie. At various times during the day, I sat in a comfortable chair, very quietly. And then I napped. I may have even snored, although I can’t claim to have heard anything that qualifies as evidence. No matter; my rest time was goal directed. This evening (again), I  stepped outside my comfort zone.

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14th January 2018

Nailed it

Time to prepare an explanation for my children. Something in the vein of “When did you realize that you were growing old?” They haven’t asked (yet); too polite, possibly. But, best to prepare, so that I don’t find myself nonplussed by the question.

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11th December 2017

A memorable odour

Some odours are unforgettable. Without referencing the best and worst ends of the scale, there are scents that the brain “knows”. (How do scents and odours differ? Must look this one up) Happened to purchase a small jar of one such memory, over at the pharmacy, and I confirm that the company hasn’t changed their secret formula in my lifetime.

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9th December 2017

No blocks here

Could this be symptomatic of an age crisis? Rather than checking the price point of a red sports car, I found myself comparison shopping for large amounts of Lego. Turns out that with Amazon, I could gather close to 1000 pieces (all sizes combined) for about $100! In case the kids come to visit…

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