11th December 2017

A memorable odour

Some odours are unforgettable. Without referencing the best and worst ends of the scale, there are scents that the brain “knows”. (How do scents and odours differ? Must look this one up) Happened to purchase a small jar of one such memory, over at the pharmacy, and I confirm that the company hasn’t changed their secret formula in my lifetime.

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9th December 2017

No blocks here

Could this be symptomatic of an age crisis? Rather than checking the price point of a red sports car, I found myself comparison shopping for large amounts of Lego. Turns out that with Amazon, I could gather close to 1000 pieces (all sizes combined) for about $100! In case the kids come to visit…

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8th December 2017

Trying to find a moment worthy of mention

Only hours before bedtime, and I’ve got nothing. No marvelous tale to recount, or a plan for world peace to announce. There was one small moment, when I rebuilt the small dog biscuit box, so that I could top it up from the almost empty oversize carton in the garage, but that hardly counts (except for the hairy fellow). At least the big carton will be recycled, eventually.

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7th December 2017

Real life moments

Turns out that my dog’s propensity to go through doors is normal. A subject of memes, even. Knowing that, how can I ever refuse (no matter the hour) to open a door and let him pass through to the other side?

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30th November 2017

Not personally relevant

Slowly, I have come to the realization that very little of “the news” has anything to do with me. Almost as if I lived in a parallel world, a passenger train, and I’m watching what is going on in the other trains before they pull out of sight.

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15th November 2017

From an earlier time

Received some photos this morning, from an earlier time in my life. Barely recognized myself; no hair, no muscle tone in my sit down area. Why, even the yard and the house were greyer than I remembered. Could it be that “I’m older than that now”?

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6th November 2017

Additional training required

I don’t always “get” our weather guy jokes; this evening, he said that if the precipitation over the next few days seems to be white in colour… must be an upper Canada thing.

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11th October 2017

Checkmark on my progress chart

Here’s a challenge. Write about what you did today when you did, essentially, nothing. In my case, the only checkmark on the progress chart is that I intercepted the UPS man before the dog could go all neurotic on him. For the record, the parcel contained a battery to recharge a cellphone. Since I don’t use one of those (either the battery or the phone), it qualifies as a “good deed”.

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10th October 2017

Against an intelligent adversary, he’s hopeless

Had our first visit from a raccoon, last evening. I’m not sure if it “means” anything, but I’m worried. Unlike the coyotes that wander through, or the squirrels that are here for the seeds, the proverbial bandit of the woods is an unknown quantity. Will he sneak in if we lower our guard? The dog was on guard, but against an intelligent adversary, he’s hopeless. Offer the dog one of his own biscuits and profit from the distraction. We had the beast in the beam of my best flashlight, and he preened!

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8th October 2017

Three times as far

“Let’s go for a walk” (she says). “It’ll be fun” (she says). “Good for us all” (she says). The dog was probably right. I should have put on the brakes, right there. Not me, though. And now there’s a polite image on social media of the dog and myself, on a leafy trail, looking like we do this sort of thing all the time.

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