23rd April 2017

A plus to procrastination

When it comes to getting certain things done, I’m not always proactive. In particular, service on the car. I don’t let that “service due soon” flag interrupt my calm nature. Oil changes are for the next visit to see my local garage guy. Getting the tires changed; sometimes, it pays to be late. This morning, we had a fresh new cover of snow, all around. If I’d changed over to summer rubber, that could have been problematic.

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13th April 2017

Just a mixup, apparently

I’m going to have to explore the whole situation further, but the “commutative property” doesn’t apply to making good coffee. Specifically, a caffè americano does not taste the same as a long black. As for the caffè luongo… not going there again.

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4th April 2017

Generations in play

Some years back, I watched a fun spy movie with the power couple Brad and Angelina. You might have seen it: Mr And Mrs Smith. Did well at the box office, came with a few good scenes. Worth the dime. This evening, I had a chance to see a similar plot, used to provide some decent giggles. No power couple, but Zach and Jon (Hamm) did work well together. I suggest that you see this one, as well: Keeping Up With The Joneses. After all, movies are supposed to amuse. Besides, the current administrators of the US are not far removed from this sort of slapstick.

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3rd April 2017

Would have been the highlight

Missed seeing the cable laying ship, again. My marine traffic site tells me she sailed by here, in the dark. I mean, it’s not that big a deal, but the ship is three times as wide as my usual ferry boat. Be fun to put the telescope on her and get a feel for what a marine giant is like.

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2nd April 2017

Different fronts

Another double-feature day. Watching movies on my own schedule is fun, albeit not highly social as an activity. I prefer to think of it as educational, and choose my media in consequence.

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30th March 2017

Watching for deliveries

For this winter, I’m officially setting aside that whole “March, lamb, lion” silliness. This month came in nasty, and it is going away nasty. Why, even the big blue tractor paid us a visit this morning, doing what I seriously hope will be the final snow-clearing effort of the season. I did some quick math, and I’m getting my money’s worth out of the contract, this year.

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24th March 2017

The news, past to future

This evening, CBC proved that the future is always just one step ahead. Imagine it: a program about the news, in lieu of. The big names from the national centers were here, on the Island. In the Confed Centre, with a sold out hall. A discussion about how the reporting of news is evolving.

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22nd March 2017

The guilty pleasure of the gong

Reading that Chuck Barris had died this week reminded me that life used to be simpler. We learned about how to start relationships via the Dating Game. If things went as far as marriage, we set our expectations based on the Newlywed Game. And when things spiraled out of control, we could go for the conclusion by following the Gong Show. Now, all we have to fall back on are “alt facts”. How I miss life as it used to be.

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6th March 2017

The guilty pleasure of syndicated comedy

With the TV parked on a channel that runs syndicated comedy episodes, back to back to back, I’m ready to praise the team over at TBBT. With 225 episodes and counting, I haven’t seem them all. I intend to remedy that, but there’s a guilty pleasure in watching old segments of some very successful production. Jokes that can be heard again (and again) are quality.

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27th February 2017

When the news IS the news

Shortly after midnight (technically, today) the Oscar ceremonies wrapped up. The big prize of the evening was awarded, for Best Picture… twice. One for the history books, in the entertainment section. Some serious onstage embarrassment. Out in the “real world”, the POTUS turned the mirror back in his direction, by tweeting that the presenters had spent too much time mocking him and not enough time checking the results.

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