9th January 2018

As the sweater unravels

To better understand what is happening in the long march to impeachment, I may have a reasonable analogy to offer up. Consider the whole process from “deciding to run” through “eating cheeseburgers in bed”. Slow; akin to knitting a big sweater with needles and balls of yarn.

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7th January 2018

Rally round, rounders

The little book seems to have made big ripples in the swamp. Now almost through what should be the quiet period of a news cycle, and the “he said… no, he didn’t” chorus and response continues. Especially on network TV. The Wolff book has made a lot of the presidential team out to be less than gold, so the golden man himself is shouting back. Keep the popcorn coming; we’re early in the movie-to-be.

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6th January 2018

Waiting for the next minor giggle

Witty responses abound on Twitter. When U-No-Hoo posted that he was a “stable genius”, earlier in the news cycle, someone retorted with  “so was Mister Ed”. Age bias apart (some of the younger ones in the crowd will miss the reference), it shows that we’re not out of the Great Satire Forest just yet.

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12th December 2017

Politics is a video game

Without reading too much into things, I have to mention that there were four byelections yesterday, for the federal Parliament. The party in power won three out of four. Can’t sit well with the new kids on the block (two other parties), who have to be aware that the level of satisfaction with the older kid on the block means that their quest for power (in the next general round) won’t be an easy one. Politics is a video game, in many ways.

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10th September 2017

Wind and rain and drama on the air

Too much intensity. Cable news networks, when they have a story with a bit of drama, build the tone up to melodrama. I’m overdosed on hurricane coverage, in particular. So much wind and rain, OK. So much “look at me, I’m tethered to a rail and I’m watching that wind and rain”; hard to stay interested. Thankfully there was curling on for a bit, followed by Pitch Perfect. Yes, I’d already seen the movie, but after a third or fourth time I look beyond the story line and watch for gadgetry. Like a radio station that uses CDs but has the staff refiling row after row of vinyl. Don’t let the absence of turntables interfere with the pleasure, OK?

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27th August 2017

Stream found on Periscope

Day two of “max crowd”; we had enough of everything to get through the morning, and the beach was held in reserve for the afternoon. Funny how a house can go from full to reserve in a matter of minutes. I had no urge to sit in the sand for the afternoon, so they brought home photos of the infrastructure efforts.

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8th August 2017

She did just fine

Here on the Island, we take our evening news seriously. The on-air personalities are famous, and when the two main faces decided to retire several months back, there was a lot of trepidation. The new “chair” started work this evening; we can all go back to living on the edge of our couches, waiting for the latest stories. She did just fine.

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31st July 2017

Abrupt departures

Last week, after the abrupt departure of a Chief of Staff (you know where), someone posted the disingenuous remark on social media about resemblances; in this case between the former reality show and the current one. As in, “tune in next Friday, to see who got fired”.

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28th July 2017

Waiting for the story to wrap

This morning, I washed and dried a sweatshirt. Finding the cord that cinches the hood, out completely, showed that agitation does a “number” on things. The cord is back in place, but next time around I’ll secure the ends in a friendly knot.

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21st July 2017

The news will be less spicey (sic)

Great weather, eh! For those fresh off the bridge, ready to survey the quality of our beaches, perhaps. Meanwhile, anyone with a stake in greenery is ready to learn one of those rain dances. Here we are, three weeks into the month. According to my rain gauge, the total accumulation for the period is 12.6 mm. Less than a half an inch, for the Imperialists out there. Sure, we have a hose to take up the slack in the garden beds, but for the potato people, this is not “great weather”. At all.

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