21st November 2017

A battle of fingertips

Just last year, I spent an afternoon in a battle of fingertips with a particularly recalcitrant bicycle tire. Told myself that I should get into the city and find a second rim, so that this wouldn’t be a recurring theme in my life (cursing at a rubber ring).

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14th November 2017

On the field and off, a contest

Some unexpected drama, for the middle of a week. The Loney Bowl was contested, this afternoon, down in Wolfville. In one of those “good to the last drop” finishes, Acadia bested Saint Marys by the score of 45-38 in overtime. But did they? Is it really over?

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11th November 2017

Chasing the ball back and forth

Too cold. Too windy. The tires will have to wait until a more clement moment.

My attention was elsewhere, anyhow. Today was a “big game day” in university football. The Dunsmore Cup, putting ULaval and UMontreal in the same enclosed space to fight a glorious battle. I would have loved to watch the game, but with all those channels on the satellite TV, nothing. Come on folks; shouldn’t have to wait until the national championship game to see the national champions play.

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30th October 2017

A sport of stats

As someone that doesn’t watch baseball, the whole fascination with statistics by fans and commentators leaves me bewildered. After all, to have stats means that you have to collect data. And then you have to massage that data. How do those involved find the time to watch the game? Oh, right; the games can be very long. Last evening, there were pages and pages of Twitter feed as the ongoing playoff match descended into the dark of night. With a final score of 13-12, and more than five hours of game play, this one will need a chapter in somebody’s “the numbers of the game” encyclopedia.

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28th October 2017

Read tweets and imagine

Home alone? Great title for a movie. In real life, a bit dull. Ask the dog, who has spent as much of the day outside as I would allow. Yes, I’m at home, alone, and talking to oneself is permitted if there is a companion animal in the room. Right?

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21st May 2017

Send more grapes

Please, Ottawa: leave my CBC Radio alone. From where I sit, the variety fills that quiet space in my life. News, culture, so much more. New music! I’m listening to a cellist, Cris Derksen, in the living space of my life, and I’m content. Don’t mess with my content, OK?

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9th April 2017


Good TV weekend for curling fans. The World Championship (Men’s) will be decided within the next few hours, and my hope is that the Canadian team will prevail. After all, the round robin went by with them undefeated (11-0). The playoffs have also gone well, and the gold game starts just before my regular bedtime (time zone madness). If this sound familiar, it’s because we’re repeating the sequence laid down in the World Championship (Women’s) less than a fortnight ago. Although the counters (stones?) get reset next season, a double win for the country would certainly convince others that “we understand curling”.

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26th March 2017

Gold in the rocks

Knowing the outcome long before “my broadcast” removed none of the satisfaction. Early this morning, the Homan rink made Canadian history. After a complete round robin tournament without a loss, followed by the necessary playoff games, the team completed the week with the gold medal. World champions. How special was it? Well, Rachel smiled…

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26th February 2017

Two much to watch

Oscar evening really requires two television sets… when the timing puts the show in competition with the Scotties final. The hotel room remote requires patience in getting from one channel to the other. I’m missing important stones, after deciding to watch the real star of Hidden Figures being brought onstage.

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24th February 2017

Make the stones stay

A little bit of freezing rain. No big deal, except… every move outside must be measured. We were out for a family supper, which means that time passed quickly. When the weather warning went out, so did I.

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