31st October 2017

In anticipation of new holes

Activity paused: the night of the great candy giveaway has started, and we’ve already had two or three batches of kids at the door. They’re all wearing masks, and perhaps it is the same children swapping costumes out by the road, but I’m going to go with the “big numbers” idea. In any case, I won’t have to eat the whole treat purchase myself. In the country, depending on prevailing winds and wandering wildlife, a house can be forgotten.

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30th October 2017

A sport of stats

As someone that doesn’t watch baseball, the whole fascination with statistics by fans and commentators leaves me bewildered. After all, to have stats means that you have to collect data. And then you have to massage that data. How do those involved find the time to watch the game? Oh, right; the games can be very long. Last evening, there were pages and pages of Twitter feed as the ongoing playoff match descended into the dark of night. With a final score of 13-12, and more than five hours of game play, this one will need a chapter in somebody’s “the numbers of the game” encyclopedia.

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29th October 2017

Locked the door

I’ve locked the back door. Consider this to be risk reduction, after that red sky this morning,  According to the weather people, there’s a bomb headed in this direction… a little to the west, but still. Can’t be too careful, right?

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28th October 2017

Read tweets and imagine

Home alone? Great title for a movie. In real life, a bit dull. Ask the dog, who has spent as much of the day outside as I would allow. Yes, I’m at home, alone, and talking to oneself is permitted if there is a companion animal in the room. Right?

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27th October 2017

Can you change a lightbulb?

“But can you change a lightbulb?” Silly question, really; most people can. How about “Can you rebuild the infrastructure for a small country?” Sure, with enough people. However, the firm that has been contracted to repair Puerto Rico is, nominally, two people. Well-connected people, obviously. They’ve scored a $300 million jackpot, and no matter how badly they mess up threading those lightbulbs, the money will be in the bank.

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26th October 2017

Choices that have fallen off the table

Read in the news that the food replacement “Soylent” is not (yet) approved for sale in Canada. I’ve got mixed messages from their brand, obviously. Someone with little exposure to media decided that a coined name based on the main ingredients, soy and lentils, made sense.

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25th October 2017

Disappeared from the ceiling dance hall

A bit of a back ache; all that is needed to demonstrate just how poorly engineered the human body is. At least, for some. I’m almost done of the discomfort, due to my stubborn streak, but I can see how an ongoing bout would sap the strength. Bed isn’t the best place to spend the day.

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24th October 2017

Tracking that slow boat from China

The temperature peaked at 22.4C, this afternoon. I’m under an obligation to note such things. As well, there are tomatoes growing on the vines in the garden bed, and I have more than my share of houseflies, clustered on the ceiling. That’s another story, without a proper ending (yet). My swatter can only get a few, each time, before the others swarm indecisively.

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23rd October 2017

Mastery of the lesson

Isn’t it ironic, that just as the campfire season draws to a close, we have some proper firewood? We received a gift (from people bound for a warmer section of the continent) of a half dozen proper log sections. The kind that will require splitting, once I find something that acts like an axe. No, I don’t intend to get all lumberjack and go off to the hardware store seeking a lethal weapon; there’s a dull hatchet in the garage, and that’s dangerous enough. Learning to sharpen steel is on my “to do list”.

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22nd October 2017

Food delivery

For many years, I treated lunch lightly. There was a window of opportunity; I could have become a regular on the restaurant circuit near the office, buy my priorities were different. All water under the bridge, as they say. Yesterday, among our finds at the treasure sale, we added two tiffin-carriers to our basket, without understanding the significance.

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