11th January 2018

Some chemical C and a chase through the nation

Seems like a lifetime ago, that I read about the research presented by Linus Pauling. A little Vitamin C and you could live forever, or at least avoid the near occasions of death by head cold. Of course, the doctor didn’t live forever. And it turns out that the Vitamin C idea was a profit center for the citrus industry. When I was offered an alternative method of “getting my C” that didn’t involve peeling a pile of over-ripe fruit, I opted in. Forthwith, a tall glass of something that didn’t smell particularly Florida-fresh was at my place.

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26th November 2017

Wait for the other side of the tale

The other side of the story: that’s the kicker, isn’t it. You put together a plausible explanation, one that should remove any shadow of blame for a perceived wrong move, and then the rebuttal kicks in. And kicks away the foundations of your tale. As a certain president puts it, “Sad!”

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30th October 2017

A sport of stats

As someone that doesn’t watch baseball, the whole fascination with statistics by fans and commentators leaves me bewildered. After all, to have stats means that you have to collect data. And then you have to massage that data. How do those involved find the time to watch the game? Oh, right; the games can be very long. Last evening, there were pages and pages of Twitter feed as the ongoing playoff match descended into the dark of night. With a final score of 13-12, and more than five hours of game play, this one will need a chapter in somebody’s “the numbers of the game” encyclopedia.

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24th August 2017

I don’t learn much every day

I don’t acquire new skills every day. That would be exhausting, after all; I had my big rush back when learning to walk was considered as “new and improved”. No, I muddle along, picking up little bits of knowledge from time to time, but life isn’t as intense as it was back when my world revolved around family and feeding time.

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12th August 2017

Fascinated by the anecdotes

Spent the afternoon at the fire hall. No emergencies were handled; this was the only common room space available for our monthly book-in-progress club. It takes a community to properly draft a local history, and I’m fascinated by the anecdotes that come out. Triggered by a name or a relationship, folks remember things they heard “back when” that would never bubble to the surface if a simple request for stories was made.

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26th July 2017

Masted morning

This morning, the map screen from the AIS antenna was filled with promise. Over by the point, the flotilla arrives. We saddled up with cameras and headed for the lighthouse, where fully six ships were in view at one time. Alas, light breezes meant that the sails were not on display, but seeing three-masted whatever off the buoy is a throwback to an earlier time.

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6th July 2017

Set on vibrate

Trying to help people, in family tree searching, comes with a caveat. The information offered is never enough. Someone posted a query about a particular family, and I returned with several generations of data for the couple. The reply? “Do you have the actual marriage record?”.

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27th June 2017

Still double-numbered

Time to focus on the job at hand: trying to remember if I did anything today. Oh, right, I didn’t. Never left the property. Almost as if I had one of those invisible fences. Even the roll of flyers, dropped in the driveway, landed safely inside the perimeter.

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25th June 2017

Trying to retie the tie

In genealogy, the rule of thumb is to follow a trail until you know it isn’t the right trail. Kind of like real life, in a way. This evening, I happened to notice a duplicate family in my dataset. It happens. In this case, the principle “character” is actually a character… a well-known fiddler out of Cape Breton.

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19th June 2017

Brick walls available

There are certainly better ways of preparing meat for my BBQ. I’m not interested. As long as the meat comes off, cooked, with a minimum of char I believe I’ve won my battle. This evening, pork. Earlier in the cycle, beef. The process varies only in minor detail. Yes, I do add a touch of seasoning, and I’ve learned to wait until the grill is hot before offering up my sacrifice. Other than that?

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