13th April 2018

Understand (my) need to downsize

Accepting that this is the right moment to “downsize” isn’t clear to me. When our freezer conked out, back before the end of the last year, I saw replacement as something easy. Natural. I now understand that we no longer need to store for the coming famine. Plus, it’s cold outside, so if the refrigerator fails, we’ll simply rely on nature. With that lesson learned, we almost went off to the city to purchase our replacement; however, it was too cold. Ironic. Or the whimsy of a springtime snow squall.

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8th April 2018

After careful consideration

There’s satisfaction in shopping, even when no purchases are included. My experience only; yours may vary. Anyhow, after a couple of hours of watching pertinent YouTube videos, I’m going to put aside any impulsive buying of a 3D printer.

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7th April 2018

Get the data off the page

With another afternoon of local history research “in the can”, I’m going to go out on a limb and declare the book project complete. Except for the eventual print run and sales… but that’s just a detail, right? We met in the community center, and after I handed over the proofreading hints, the group segued into research on a more personal level.

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21st March 2018

Following a new path

I love that family tree research leads me down so many different paths. My own roots are (pretty much) known, within the limits of archival materials here in Canada. When I decided to “branch out”; in essence, to map my community and neighbours, the grandeur of family ties was revealed.

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15th March 2018

My new flow of consciousness

Looking outside, I don’t quite know how I should approach that whole question of “what does one wear?”. Yesterday, no snow on the ground. This morning, very white. This afternoon, no snow on the ground. This evening, very white. Pardon my confusion.

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3rd March 2018

An original artefact

I admit it. I’m a sucker for artefacts. History, not just an interpretation in a book. Happily, stuff doesn’t wear out (in every case), and for the last few months I’ve been treated to old family photos, old family documents, old… as we put together a local history text.

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16th February 2018

Reduced flexibility

Perhaps getting older is just a reduction in flexibility. Not just the “put on my shoes” kind; I no longer find that I absorb new (or remarkably different) ideologies. My ability to be brainwashed has diminished.

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11th January 2018

Some chemical C and a chase through the nation

Seems like a lifetime ago, that I read about the research presented by Linus Pauling. A little Vitamin C and you could live forever, or at least avoid the near occasions of death by head cold. Of course, the doctor didn’t live forever. And it turns out that the Vitamin C idea was a profit center for the citrus industry. When I was offered an alternative method of “getting my C” that didn’t involve peeling a pile of over-ripe fruit, I opted in. Forthwith, a tall glass of something that didn’t smell particularly Florida-fresh was at my place.

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26th November 2017

Wait for the other side of the tale

The other side of the story: that’s the kicker, isn’t it. You put together a plausible explanation, one that should remove any shadow of blame for a perceived wrong move, and then the rebuttal kicks in. And kicks away the foundations of your tale. As a certain president puts it, “Sad!”

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30th October 2017

A sport of stats

As someone that doesn’t watch baseball, the whole fascination with statistics by fans and commentators leaves me bewildered. After all, to have stats means that you have to collect data. And then you have to massage that data. How do those involved find the time to watch the game? Oh, right; the games can be very long. Last evening, there were pages and pages of Twitter feed as the ongoing playoff match descended into the dark of night. With a final score of 13-12, and more than five hours of game play, this one will need a chapter in somebody’s “the numbers of the game” encyclopedia.

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