30th November 2017

Not personally relevant

Slowly, I have come to the realization that very little of “the news” has anything to do with me. Almost as if I lived in a parallel world, a passenger train, and I’m watching what is going on in the other trains before they pull out of sight.

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29th November 2017

Oversize transfers

Today, I turned two disparate objects into a pair. No odd socks here. I have had, on my list of things to do, moving certain objects into their winter storage (permanent storage?) locations, and after careful consideration as to process, I put away the BBQ and the gramophone.

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28th November 2017

White is now the colour of choice

My seasonal tradition: note the first snowfall and post a pic for posterity. This won’t last, but it saves trying to tell those that come after me about what winter looked like… you know, in case we have climate change and the segue from fall to spring happens suddenly.

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27th November 2017

Put the paper “to bed”, for good

What can you do, when the news is that there will be no more news, at least concerning your community? This afternoon, in one of those stories that leaves one feeling confused, a swap of newspapers in Upper Canada put an end to close to a century and a half of laying out the stories and putting it all to bed.

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26th November 2017

Wait for the other side of the tale

The other side of the story: that’s the kicker, isn’t it. You put together a plausible explanation, one that should remove any shadow of blame for a perceived wrong move, and then the rebuttal kicks in. And kicks away the foundations of your tale. As a certain president puts it, “Sad!”

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25th November 2017

When is the game over?

This afternoon’s important football question: When is the game over? Is it when the flag drops, or the scoreboard clock reaches zeros, or the whistle blows, or when the winning fans storm the field? Perhaps all of the above?

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24th November 2017

Avoiding a debt ceiling crisis

In a few hours, Black Friday will be officially over. This, for me, has been a day without commerce. If any others wonder how this can be accomplished, despite the intense pressure of the advertising and retail sectors, there are some simple tricks. Read the rest of this entry »

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23rd November 2017

Chasing my treasures

My fascination with my trash continues. One of the requests (similar to rules, but with less force) is that you bag things in clear plastic before adding the bags to the big black bin. Not much of an extra cost; tends to keep the trucks (with the even bigger bins) cleaner. And, when the wind comes up, it reduces the time spent tracking your trash.

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22nd November 2017

School planning notes

Spotted in a tall tree, just outside: three robins. Something seriously out of the ordinary about that. Did I miss the long season?

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21st November 2017

A battle of fingertips

Just last year, I spent an afternoon in a battle of fingertips with a particularly recalcitrant bicycle tire. Told myself that I should get into the city and find a second rim, so that this wouldn’t be a recurring theme in my life (cursing at a rubber ring).

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