30th November 2017

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Slowly, I have come to the realization that very little of “the news” has anything to do with me. Almost as if I lived in a parallel world, a passenger train, and I’m watching what is going on in the other trains before they pull out of sight.

Consider the following: today, I came across a list of nightclubs that had closed their doors (an euphemism for “gone out of business”). All of them in the city where I spent the last three decades. None of them that I had ever visited. Unless going by on a city bus counts… I’ll bet they were great fun, though.

Or how about the recent uptick in young people entering politics. Here on the Island, folks with big social media footprints. And both of them in elections where I am ineligible to vote. I think that change is wonderful, even if I don’t get to have any input. And that goes for the amalgamation efforts south of here as well.

How about the various music award shows? I don’t listen to the styles, I’ll never see the particular artists anywhere other than in YouTube videos. Name recognition.

However, I did go and check my mailbox today. The key worked, even if the box was empty. I’ll take that as a personal victory. After all, I could live in a world where my mail is stolen by bandits, or destroyed in a volcanic eruption. In passing, Bali is watching a “big smoke” right now. I’m not going there, but I know of someone who did.

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