29th November 2017

Oversize transfers

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Today, I turned two disparate objects into a pair. No odd socks here. I have had, on my list of things to do, moving certain objects into their winter storage (permanent storage?) locations, and after careful consideration as to process, I put away the BBQ and the gramophone.

First, the BBQ: here, it was a question of size and weight, so I reduced the measurements through calculated disassembly. Turns out that once the propane tank and the grills and the cover are removed, the BBQ is quite manageable over short distances. In to the house, through the kitchen and down the high step into the garage. Done. The actual cleaning will be saved for another day, after reaching that temperature where soot and grease detach willingly.

Next, the hundred year old record player. I say century, it might be less, but it had to move from the garage to the basement. I can lift the box, barely, over short hauls. Down a long flight of stairs, not so much. And a simple shove to get gravity involved wasn’t allowed. But hey, the pyramids!

With a carefully positioned air mattress, and a decision to not be pushed or dragged in its wake, I let the thing slide slowly along until firm footing prevailed. The last bit was within my haul limits and now the whole thing is downstairs, in the retro entertainment area. Can’t wait to fit a new needle…

As well, the deck furniture is ready to go down and outside. Under, even. Just need to move the tractor inside before the first deep snows.

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