1st December 2017

The talking heads were giddy

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This afternoon, certain of the daily talkshow hosts (on TV, in the US, as seen via YouTube) were positively giddy. Earlier in the cycle (think breakfast time), one of the bigger fish in the Trump School of Governance pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. That’s a big one, down south; the FBI caught Capone and others, back in history.

Where this starts to mesh is that the president (temporary?) has gone to great lengths to reassure the nation that “Fake News” was spewing lies about him, and that there was no story here. Still waiting to hear how you spin actual convictions into the fake tapestry. For anyone keeping count, this is the fourth official to be sucked up in the net (see how I’m keeping that fish analogy active?). Friday is coming to an end, but Monday is also a good day in the news cycle.

Mustn’t dwell on such things. Instead, imagine the joy in finding an old, lost picture of a former dog. I had posted the pic here, years and years ago, but changes in servers and domains had erased the trace. Had to dig through “wayback archives” as well as a pot-pourri of digipics to find another copy. Yes, I’ve reposted.

As well, I did some “deep searches” on an old hard drive, and found lost music. Time to redo the directory, and then to set up a music server in the basement. For fun, not profit. Also, I’m set on a path to learn what happens when multiple audio interfaces are chained. Will the phantom power stay the course?

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