2nd December 2017

ShopVac utility

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Brought the “immolation altar” inside for the winter, and decided/remembered that a certain amount of cleanliness will make the sacrifice even better. A job for the ShopVac!

I’m careful about how I cook a steak; the waste is minimized. However, the crud does build up, around and under the burners. A few minutes with a scraping tool (abandoned by a worker who reseated a door last spring) and then a straightforward suction made a great difference. Does this qualify as liposuction, in passing?

And that little pan that collects the grease – nasty! All gone now. I’ll start over in the spring, unless the kitchen stove stops working and I have to do emergency meals in the driveway during a blizzard. Planning ahead.

With the main part of the firebox now ash-free, there remain the two grill irons. Soon…

Politics, or as John Oliver might say, “the blood of the masses”. Shed, of course. Yesterday, the senate passed a particularly primitive tax bill, sometime after the midnight hour. Unread, as the amendments were rolling in from the donors throughout the process and being feverishly pencilled into the margins. Proof that legislators aren’t even smart enough to read what they vote for. I’m sure that this one is going to hurt their country, and with a bit of luck push the people to kick the GOP to the curb next year. It could happen. Pity about the economy though. I guess an over-the-top deficit hurts less when inflicted with a vote than with a war. That might happen, too…

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