3rd December 2017

Meatballs and a phone reset

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Maybe, just maybe, the next generation will be better! I spent the afternoon among the really young; not much conversation, but watching them master closed doors and light switches that were too high (for them) was refreshing. I’ve grown jaded, with time. Too much news content with only negative viewpoints. I needed to see that the babies are still untarnished.

Getting out of the house and into a different kitchen reminded me that there are things to eat that are fun: tiny Swedish meatballs rock! Also, mulled cider punch. The afternoon followed a holiday theme, so we had a buffet with things that didn’t require a lot of protocol to eat. Again, Swedish meatballs.

And now I’m home, and I have decided that the bag of grapes (in our fridge) needs renewal. Something less juicy/sugary. The cheese, on the other hand – delicious.

Earlier this afternoon, I pulled my “no longer relevant” cellphone out of the drawer and realized that 700 photos needed to be transferred to another location. Dropbox, perhaps. The image thumbnails didn’t allow me to be sure if I’d already done the job, but the software could tell. All duplicated. Time to reset things. I did. The phone is now back to the “out of the box” state. Still locked to a carrier, but since the new law kicked in on Friday, I’m inspired to stop into the nearest kiosk and get my free “yes, you now own the thing” upgrade done. For free! Then I can pick up a pay-as-you-go SIM and rejoin the communicator class of society… on my terms.


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