4th December 2017

Clear off the deck

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Just came back from checking the mail. Several hours after sundown; any trace of the double-digit temps has gone, and I know that snow must follow… any day now. Mind you, in that total darkness that prevails before moonrise, I am given to dismal thoughts.

Earlier in the afternoon, I took that whole snow thing to heart. Time to clear off the deck before I have to clear off the deck, etc. The outdoor furniture we purchased in the heart of summer is now redundent, and still heavy. All I could do to convince the table to slide downhill (no chance of my lifting it). The chairs were better, but a drop on a toe would be memorable. Next spring, I’ll turn this into a family corvee.

There was some great curling on the TV this morning. Homan et al. A win in the round-robin and an affirmation that skills trump luck.

And what else? Well, time chatting with family members; we don’t talk, as such. We text. Allows time away from the keyboard (like going for the mail, or putting the dog out to fox hunt). Yes, we’ve had a red-furred visitor recently, which means that we do have pretty much any wildlife of note in the area. Still haven’t spotted (striped?) a skunk, but I haven’t been wishing either.

As well, my reverb unit is in the house. I’ll dig out some cables later this week, reread the manual and see how I sound in a virtual cathedral. Pray for my efforts.

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