30th September 2017

Needs more than a butter knife

Might not be the same as I’d do in my own kitchen, but good nonetheless. We were out to a community supper, with lots of local vegetables and a large serving of roast beef and gravy. Health food. The only downside is that the average butter knife doesn’t “do” a great job of cutting anything other than bread and butter. I may have appeared rushed to bystanders, but food served from a kitchen hotline doesn’t stay hot very long if you’re busy trying to make bite-sized pieces on the run.

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29th September 2017

Barefoot comfort is fading, fast

Yesterday, my first “real” university professor died, at the historic age of 92. I remember going to his office, to make a request to follow his course (rules are rules are rules), and when he realized that he knew my family, there was smooth sailing. Of course, he knew everyone’s family, but I was young and hadn’t yet recognized that tiny detail. I attended lectures, took notes (they’re still in a box, not far away) and learned that governors were as silly as anyone else. Thank you, Father-Doctor.

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28th September 2017

Stick to steak

Not sure what to make of things. For the last couple of nights, I’ve been stressed about the wording of a document. Turns out, nobody else cared, in the long run. Things seem to work out, despite my “behind the scenes” discomfort. Whereas the young me might have taken the easy road, the older me looks for rough walking when I don’t need to. Is this a penance clause in my life?

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27th September 2017

Level the playing field

Against all odds, I ended up watching a press conference with the premier of Quebec. Actually “tuned in” early enough to watch the janitor help out with the sound check, and the focus check completed with someone’s notebook. Locally produced content.  The bilingual statement (that’s both languages at the same time) served to remind me how much my ability to “split-brain” has grown in the last few decades. Anyhow.

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26th September 2017

Hottest day in ages

For me, there is great satisfaction in knowing about my local weather. I want to go beyond “Nice day, eh!”. Quantification, where possible. Take today, as a small example:

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25th September 2017

We did explore the wye

What my last coffee wasn’t and my next coffee won’t be: “a caramel pumpkin spice latté”. Some things are just wrong!

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24th September 2017

Faced with two choices, take the third one

Sunday. The end of the grocery cycle. Faced with two choices for supper (thawed chicken whatevers from the freezer, or that can of meatballs and gravy that is kept around in case of emergencies), I opted for the third choice. Elsewhere.

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23rd September 2017

Too much excitement (almost)

Too much excitement for one day (almost). The temperature moderated enough that we went out for breakfast. The dog was left in the car, with windows and shade and regular checks on a little dial indicator kept in the car for just such moments; “no hot dogs on my table.” And then, after a productive afternoon at home, we went out and won at trivia. Yes, again. A mature mindset has put us on top for over a year now.

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22nd September 2017

Threw caution to the wind

The calendar brags about the seasonal change; the weather forecast belies the condition. Still warm outside, and we’re not ready to throw frost blankets over the garden. At least not for the next few days. Things change; usually faster than desired.

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21st September 2017

Sofa travel

Travel is risky. According to a report from the BBC, just riding in an airplane can play some serious shenanigans with your body. Makes you think, eh? However, there are other ways to experience the wonders of other places. This evening, I toured Bell Island (which is not the same as Belle Isle), and learned a few things along the way. Thank you, Jonny Harris! For those of you not “in the know”, Jonny hosts a TV series about small places in Canada that are worth the detour.

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