25th September 2017

We did explore the wye

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What my last coffee wasn’t and my next coffee won’t be: “a caramel pumpkin spice latté”. Some things are just wrong!

To be fair, I’m a purist. Coffee should be ground beans and boiling water. Nothing else is necessary. No milk, or cream, or “creamer”. In what context is a chemical powder ever necessary? And of course, we’ll leave the other powders (sugar, fake sugar, whatever else you might offer as a path to ruination) right where they are. On the shelf. Far away.

Moving along… this afternoon I broke with tradition and went for a trail walk. The dog is still confused. Wait. What? Where are we going? He believes that the car is a good way to see the world going by. Quick and odour-free. Out on an abandoned railway right of way, it was clear that we were out of our comfort zones, respectively.

I did bring the GPS (getting lost where the ghost trains run is not on my bucket list), and we did explore the wye (in case that ghost train was turning to sneak up from behind). We were fine. We did have a guide/cheerleader who kept trying to convince the dog to run “back and forth between the people”. Wasted effort. In the dog’s world, keep (at least) one person close, to make sure the biscuit supply never runs out.

Today, O’Leary is in hockey nirvana. Just not in O’Leary. A bigger arena was required by the NHL overlords, so they bussed (42 vehicles according to one tally) down the Western Highway.

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