23rd September 2017

Too much excitement (almost)

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Too much excitement for one day (almost). The temperature moderated enough that we went out for breakfast. The dog was left in the car, with windows and shade and regular checks on a little dial indicator kept in the car for just such moments; “no hot dogs on my table.” And then, after a productive afternoon at home, we went out and won at trivia. Yes, again. A mature mindset has put us on top for over a year now.

That drum machine was my point of interest today. Although I worried about sticky buttons; after unscrewing the case and prodding here, there and everywhere I am ready to accord a clean bill of health. Still need some splitter cables to actually use it, and the next slow boat from China should have what I need in one of the holds.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, they’re faced with a high heat warning to start off the autumn season. Great stuff.

Of course, the hurricanes are still whirling and twirling. More on that, later. Bigger news is that Trump sent the bombers to do fancy fly-bys in the Korean area. Could someone give those two bowls of ice cream to distract them? Of course I’m worried; I’m old enough to understand that stupidity can be terminal… for a whole lot of us. Funny how the US can find the money for arms, but health care remains hit or miss. Listening to others at breakfast AND trivia, the fall looks like a period of stormy (virtual) weather.

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