7th March 2018

Wish I could vote

American Idol is back, soon. With new judges, but a similar format to ‘the old show’, it should provide an alternative to the endless hockey playoffs. Go ahead. Try to convince me that watching the permutations of branch offices “playing off” in a large American corporation is more entertaining than seeing people who really think they can sing.

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3rd April 2016

As we round the final curve

Allow me a few moments of idle reflection, as the Idol season rounds the final curve. According to Ryan Seacrest, there are three more evenings before the confetti falls. Frankly, I’ve had no luck in understanding the structure this season; whatever I take away will be of little import, as the train stops here. One last hurrah, etc.

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11th March 2016

A skim of ice

It may be, in part, my fault. I’ve reached an age where my musical idols are disappearing, one after another. Today, word that the E from ELP has passed. Seriously, even though the creative output of these people remains available in recorded format, it’s sobering to think that there will be no new material. And, that the next cohort doesn’t appear to have the same depth of talent or inspiration. Something to think about.

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27th February 2016

Consider Atlantis

Coming up on the nine-month anniversary of my move from La Vieille Capitale. Almost long enough to forget the annual flood crisis… I lived well above the high water mark, but media attention does mark the mind. A photo from the national news, today, reminded me that rivers and ice mix poorly; the town of Beauceville is, again, learning how water goes where you want it least.

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19th February 2016

Left by the wayside

Two weeks now, we’ve condensed the mid-week Idol moments into a couple of hours of intense concert. Good way of doing things, from where I sit. The advertising would not have added anything to the experience. Plus, seeing twelve performers at a time gives a sense of who is suited for the role of AI, where your moment of fame will last about that long, unless you have something better than average.

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12th February 2016

Dazed and confused

I’ve stayed close to home, all day today. Waiting for a delivery (that hasn’t arrived). Not of much interest, to anyone. What’s odd is that I’ve been “tracking” this particular box, using the fine state-of-the-art tools provided by a very large firm. I’m sure they know their business, much better than most.

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6th February 2016

Let the hunger games continue

A month ago, I’d pretty much put the Idol worship behind me. After all, what could be enthralling about an experience that’s already happened fourteen times before? I’m not sure I had even bothered to check things out, last year, what with other more pertinent concerns.

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9th January 2016

In lieu of travel

Had to use today to visualize a week without transportation. With other family planning to travel, after second-guessing the weather for the next few days, I had to make sure that there was sufficient food on hand to get through the “no car” period. I’ve done this before, just not recently. With three decades of a market within jogging distance, I’d lost good habits. Time to regain control.

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7th January 2015

Model the past and the present

For the last couple of days, I’ve been learning how to use one of those 3D floor plan packages. Needed to; there’s a new house that cries out for exploration. Virtual if necessary. and so, after careful consideration of a line drawing we received from the “house factory”, I put together a reasonable model.

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21st May 2014

Awaiting the Idol

Another end of season Grand Slam. Not hockey. Not politics. American Idol season XIII will be over in about 100 minutes. And to be fair, the wrap is always spectacular. Almost Sullivan “Really Big Show” spectacular. The showcase for various didn’t win contestants is fun, but J-Lo just blew out their candles. A distracting moment, when I’m trying to write.

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