7th March 2018

Wish I could vote

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American Idol is back, soon. With new judges, but a similar format to ‘the old show’, it should provide an alternative to the endless hockey playoffs. Go ahead. Try to convince me that watching the permutations of branch offices “playing off” in a large American corporation is more entertaining than seeing people who really think they can sing.

Actually, I was sold on AI, a long time ago. With no access to a karaoke bar, I don’t have much contact with the bleeding edge of the talent world. It’s fun to see how people problem solve in musical terms. A bit like junior band in high school.  Some of the stars do go on to become real stars. Unlike my own junior band experiences.

I accept that I can’t vote because of the invisible wall around my nation. In truth, my vote would be lost in the flood of bots. I’ll treasure the memories, just like all the other years (OK, I did miss a couple of seasons, but work…)

And Ryan Seacrest carries on, being the least appreciated. Wait, what does he do? For the real question on most minds: no, there will be no Simon Redux. No Paula Abdul, about to melt down. No Randy-Dog. But the new folks will bring something to the mix, or the network wouldn’t have gambled. Wait; it’s a new network, too? OK, now I’m worried. Is this going to be a real AI, or just a name? Guess I’m going to have to tune in (and that’s their intention, in the end.)

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