8th March 2018

Real world vs fantasy

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Sometimes, even great music can’t save a movie from its own inherent crappiness. Case in point, the third chapter of the Pitch Perfect series.  I watched, and then I went on with my life. After searching out the specs on a really expensive microphone, but that’s another tale.

It must be hard to work wonderfulness into the cinema weave. All those people; all that money. And like in the kitchen, sometimes things don’t turn out. That’s the”kitch” part.  Given the number of movies available, should we be surprised that so many titles turn up on competing Top 100 lists. It’s not an accident.

CBC carried a story, this afternoon, about how the proposed tariffs may actually play out for small companies. In this case, a manufacturer of beer kegs. Niche market, with a lot of competition from beyond the horizon. When a customer can buy the “other” product for less money than you spend on raw materials, you’re not in a winning situation. Even if people work for free. (Business secret: they don’t).

Is there some fantasy world, where the materials and labour are free, and the business can profit without constraint? Didn’t think so. Perhaps, next time, the Yanks should get a president that doesn’t play a business expert on TV. After all, TV isn’t always real, even in a reality TV show.

We’re hosting back-to-back snow storms right now. So far, I am underwhelmed by the outcome. The snowshoes remain optional. Ditto for the toboggan (I don’t actually own one of those). Spring will win!


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