9th March 2018

Dodgy driving

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From now on, when I need a phrase to describe dodgy driving in the winter, I’ll use “only two hours from town”. Covering a multitude of conditions, and drivers. Like that guy in the truck that went sideways each time he accelerated. Or the “Star Wars” light show whenever high beams were required.

We’re home, and we were warned. We’re also slow to realize that winter doesn’t end when the lawn reappears. All the forecasts were spot on; after lunch, you’re on your own. Other than those two plows playing dodgem near the airport, we had the road to ourselves. And oddly, the closer we got to home, the better the conditions. I do live in a blessed neighbourhood.

That “two for one” ticket to get into the home show had triggered our wanderlust. Even though we finally passed as senior citizens and received even better prices. We wanted to see how those with unlimited funds did things. Lots of hot pools, and modular docks and sunrooms.

And then we crossed to the other side of the arena. Where they show off the fifth wheels and fast boats and ATV for those who want heated seats and cup holders. Not our target, but a walk-through of something worth the cost of a small home BEFORE you add the big Dodge.

On the friendlier side, we did see the team that took care of our house. The water guy and the electricity guy and the “overall house guy”.  Enthusiastic greetings, even if we never shop there again (because one house is enough, already!)

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