10th March 2018

A step towards meltdown?

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I am SO confused. On what grounds do sane people elect a known drug dealer to be (potentially) the next premier of a large province? The votes are in, and our neighbours to the west have done the crazy dance. With the south and the west taken, I have a choice between open water to the east or a long trek to the pole going north.

There are some who will say that this is only a step towards governmental meltdown. That the next provincial elections could have a sane outcome.  But I’m scared. There are so many more crazies than when I first took an interest in politics. And as a student of history, I know that we don’t always let the batshits lead. Still, all it takes is an ill wind to blow the whole house down. And if you think about it, that next election (following) could be over a distant horizon. Oh well…

I should really concentrate on the world closer to home. You know; fifteen minutes down the road, max. I can get milk and bread. My heating system runs well. I have enough tee-shirts to get me through a wash cycle. Life is good.

And there’s always music. Happened to listen to some vintage Tull this afternoon. Son #1 points out that he’s appearing in his neighbourhood, come tourist season. Maybe I can send up a recording instrument and get a live take on vintage talent. Or a streamed video… the new technologies allow that kind of whimsical thought.


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