11th March 2018

All about the anticipation

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Now that the clock updating is complete, I see how my life gets altered. I wanted to sleep until noon. It’s now 7 p.m.; still bright outside and I haven’t started supper. Bedtime will be here before I’m ready. Could we start again, please. I’m willing to go back to a simpler time, when a clock depended on church bells for a weekly time check. Not sure how that worked, actually. Weren’t all the locals in church? Who set the clocks? Did cows rule the earth?

Nothing else of note. We might get “another snow storm” early in the week, which is just an invitation to continue with missed goals. Yes, I can see the lawn (no, it isn’t growing, so there’s no added stress there).  The boat went by before coffee time this morning, which means that their schedule is out of whack as well. We can feel the boat, long before we see it. A low rumble.

In Ontario, the new leader of the provincial Conservative party is known. Wish it wasn’t. Better the hope for sanity than the proof that yet another province is sliding into the mud. Although, I did see a promising editorial, which pointed out that this was exactly the scenario that allowed Alberta to break with “tradition”.

And here, the rumours of an election are in the “float a balloon and see what happens” stage. No need to go to the tiny pencils yet, but parties want to be ready. To have their signs and hammers packed and ready to deploy.

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