6th March 2018

Trying to learn during down time

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As the neighbour wobbles toward a new round of “protectionist policies”, I’m unsure of the motive. Or the outcome. I understand the basic premise, where if someone is selling you stuff cheaply, you throw in a penalty clause (called a tariff). Here’s the catch; unless you also fix your local prices, the business world just ups everything (inside and outside your wall) to profit from your policy. In the end, the consumer loses.

Won’t affect me much; I don’t do steel. But if a government is stupid, other than waiting for the next elections, all Joe Citizen can do is suffer.

Got a question from son #2, looking for a recommend on a soup blender. I don’t know how to answer; all my soups come in either a can or a foil package. No need to smush stuff. I sent him some possible contenders in his local market, but I realize that there are so many tools that I don’t own. Time for an updated Whole Earth Catalog.

For those of you, too young to remember, this was the goto book for advice on a whole range of technologies. Everything I know about rock climbing, and parachuting, came from its pages. In retrospect, it’s fortunate that I neither live near steep cliffs or open airplane doors.

Perhaps the new answer is Google, but it’s really difficult to bring a browser with categories to wherever you spend “down time”. After all, learning is a constant process. Maybe I’ll just drag my old copies out of storage and trust that I don’t stumble out of an airliner onto the edge of a cliff.


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