31st March 2018


Try to imagine what it was like, back then. That’s the game I play, any time I run across a collection of old photographs. Doesn’t matter where, or when (although I do enjoy seeing things from my own timeline).

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30th March 2018

Got milk

Got milk. Nothing to do with the meme; I simply grabbed the dog as co-pilot and we went to the local store. And got milk. How simple is that? The dog takes these excursions as a highlight in his day. So do I.

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29th March 2018

Too many to consume

The local restaurant industry is at it again. A whole month devoted to the art of the hamburger. In my case, a test of the validity of cognitive dissonance. In my heart, I realize that I’m not going to range about the province, from tip to tip, trying to work my way through an average of three plates, every day (there are 85 entries, this time around). Kitchens that usually get rated on the excellence of their pan-fried haddock have joined the rush.

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28th March 2018

A clash of steel

In the distance, a horse neighs. Within minutes, the clash of steel as a sword fight continues. I’m in a willing suspension of belief; why else would there be warriors in the very next room? Oh, right… a gaming console.

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27th March 2018

What if we reuse the recycled stuff?

Another confusing message: our recycled stuff is unwanted. In China… where we believed that all our plastic garbage would eventually go to find a new life. However, they’ve caught on to our subterfuge. The ships filled with bales of stuff that can’t even be burned are now asked to “move along”. What to do, says everyone else.

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26th March 2018

Thinly veiled optimism

If only you had seen me: outside dressed in a tee and shorts, using the shovel to clear those last, pesky traces of snow from the deck. I could have been barefoot, except… well, you know, snow. But my hope is restored. I think we’re ready to call spring started. Haven’t found the mud, yet. Just a dose of thinly veiled optimism.

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25th March 2018

A sense of place

In my chat feed, a photo. Son #2 with his bike, out to start the season. Standing at the end of the driveway, in front of a very familiar house. My first thought, of course: “Is he a homing pigeon, at heart?”

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24th March 2018

Marching, right by his door

Another Saturday… the president is off to play golf. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people are outside “his house” in Washington. Not to see him. Rather, to tell anyone who is paying attention that the gun madness has to end in the US. The marchers, in hundreds of other locations across the country, were in chorus. Enough is enough. But as I said, the prez is playing golf today.

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23rd March 2018

A pile of Pi(s)

When you find multiple identification guides available, take it as a sign that you are not alone. The object before you has confused others. Be it tiny bird hanging around the feeder, or a drawer with a collection of single-board computers, the need to be sure is the same.

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22nd March 2018

A brisk breeze

We were promised a “last blast of winter”; this might be it. Although the morning was clear, the schools did a preemptive closure. We debated going to the city, but held back. I took the time to watch an icebreaker (CCGS Henry Larsen) lead the ferry through the ice (that had blown in yesterday, completely covering what I could see from my window). That’s a first, for this winter; the ice didn’t look thick through the spotting scope, but why take a chance? Call the Coast Guard!

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