5th January 2018

Scandal, between the covers

Scandal! What’s not to love. Keeps the after-supper TV going, fuels a whole rack of particular magazines (People…), inspires the talking heads to continue talking on the radio. And what if there was a book? Released early to counter the possible lawsuits of the main protagonist? Today, an inside look at the first few months of life in the White House hit the shelves, and Washington is going crazy.

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4th January 2018

In the shadow of a storm

Since midnight, we’ve been in the middle of a developing #weatherbomb. Or as Shania put it, in a song, “That don’t impress me much”.

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28th December 2017

Sit while the world rolls by

A succinct summary of the day: the car started, so we drove until dark. What else can I add? We had a destination, and we arrived in the allotted time period.

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13th December 2017

Red vs Blue

Who needs to watch sports, when we have politics. Red vs Blue. Technical fouls. Fans that are fanatics. Last night, that battle down in “the South” came down to the usual winner/loser, even if the loser (in so many senses) claims that he won’t accept the victory of his opponent until after an official recount. No matter. It was just a game, right. In fact, I’m already waiting for the next matchup. Pity that I can’t find a season schedule.

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10th December 2017

At the end of a very long week

Nine days: a very long week. Or in other terms, the amount of time required to confirm what many (of us) already knew. The best group of rock chuckers in Canada, under the rules of curling for women, will hereby be known as Olympic Team Homan.

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4th December 2017

Clear off the deck

Just came back from checking the mail. Several hours after sundown; any trace of the double-digit temps has gone, and I know that snow must follow… any day now. Mind you, in that total darkness that prevails before moonrise, I am given to dismal thoughts.

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28th November 2017

White is now the colour of choice

My seasonal tradition: note the first snowfall and post a pic for posterity. This won’t last, but it saves trying to tell those that come after me about what winter looked like… you know, in case we have climate change and the segue from fall to spring happens suddenly.

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23rd November 2017

Chasing my treasures

My fascination with my trash continues. One of the requests (similar to rules, but with less force) is that you bag things in clear plastic before adding the bags to the big black bin. Not much of an extra cost; tends to keep the trucks (with the even bigger bins) cleaner. And, when the wind comes up, it reduces the time spent tracking your trash.

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10th November 2017

When a front rolls by

Observing weather is an exercise in mathematics. Sure, most of us know that “it” is colder or warmer than at a previous point in time. We also recognize when rain falls. How about if we use a graphic to make the correlation clearer. This is data from this afternoon, just outside my kitchen.

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9th November 2017

Broken sensors

Please, don’t look to the government for financial largesse – at least not at the level of the “little people”. Today, changes to the program for parental leave were announced. You can now draw benefits for an additional. Wait, let me use their terminology:

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