11th July 2017

In my best old man voice

When the delivery truck arrived, this afternoon, the dog went into his best passive-agressive mode. That’s where he hopes there’ll be a dog biscuit onboard, but remembers to show off with his “hackles and loud voice” caricature of a real watch dog. Alas, he’s just a watcher. As for the milkbone… not today. Different driver.

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9th July 2017

Planning for summer: easy, easy, easy

Although there aren’t many things, one facet of life before retirement has come back to haunt me. I now have no discipline when it comes to scheduling my calendar.

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29th June 2017

If he gets a crown of his own

He came; he saw; he left. Our emperor (actually, our prime minister) was on the Island, today. He didn’t stop by (I have some great coffee just waiting for a visit), and I learned that he didn’t visit our local museums either. What was he thinking about? Coffee AND railway artifacts, there for him to enjoy. Do his “people” even consider the hidden value in a particular place?

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28th June 2017

The promise of an extended stay

On the news, I learned that I (as a human) should not be compared to a tub of yogurt; that is, I don’t have a “best before date”. In fact, based on the newest research, humans could, theoretically, live for a very long time. Well into a second century, for instance.

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10th June 2017

Worth a wish and a promise

Bring on that global climate change; let the sea levels rise. Our house may be getting a boat. To be fair, a single-seater, so I won’t be saved, but I can send someone for assistance. That’s worth a wish and a promise, right?

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11th April 2017

Restraining my tinker instincts

Unfair! All those hours spent playing Jeopardy; not a single penny extra in my pocket. Is my microphone unplugged, Alex? Goes well with all my unwon lottery jackpots. What do you mean, I have to purchase a ticket first? Is that a rule?

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6th April 2017

Clear and present signs (of getting older)

If asked, I state that I am getting older, every day. As proof, there are some clear and present signs. My hair has changed colour, in places. My memories of past politicians merge, but tend to be negative in tone. If I don’t get to bed at my regular time, the night will be very long; the following day will be even longer. I identify with the dog wanting to “go outside” all the time.

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29th March 2017

Where would we be without each other?

While reading through the list of “video games about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame”, I found myself worrying over whether my all-time favourite had made the cut. It had, a couple of years ago. Tetris. Let the world fall on me, as long as order is maintained.

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28th March 2017

Leaving my mark

So many books, so little time. Now that I’ve got “unlimited daytime and evenings” at hand, I’m amazed by the flood of materials, particularly in the self-learning sections of bookstores. What I couldn’t/didn’t learn in school can now be absorbed from the comfort of my armchair. But what if I had to choose just one?

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27th March 2017

The last line of defense

I think I deserve a medal. Or, at a minimum, a badge; just like back in Cub Scout days. A merit badge. You see, I’m the last line of defense against animals that are out of control (in my yard). Quite apart from the ongoing rodent taxi duties (another one today, after spending the afternoon in a holding cage), I added a rescue for a blue jay that got in over his head… literally.

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