2nd September 2017

Trivia for the family

After skipping the trip to town, this morning, I was under a certain obligation to go out this evening. A trivial obligation, where “the team” continued the tradition of “the win”. Actually, we’re moving into another year without defeat, which is far from trivial.

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1st September 2017

The table headcount is down, slightly

Earlier this week, I happened to listen to one of the streaming services (Spotify, without naming names). Came across a compilation of Can-con from about two decades back that suited my particular tastes. Of course, the album is no longer sold, but with the able assistance of Amazon and a small shop in the Nat-Cap, I placed an order. The CD arrived this afternoon. Now that’s great service!

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31st August 2017

The simplest option

A previous booking of our communal space, by a local community group, left me with few options. I took the simplest one; loaded the two dogs into the car and went for a long ride in the country. Mind you, that’s easy to do, given where we live.

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26th August 2017

The umbrella as a water collector

Having a few more people in the house doesn’t change much. Still have to get up in the morning, perform libations, eat. Perhaps a touch of scheduling (although with three separate bathrooms, even that goes by smoothly). No, it’s more getting used to seeing extra faces in what is normally a house for two-and-a-dog. That’s the difference; the second dog!

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25th August 2017

Under the pressure of visitors

A proud moment: I cleaned up my work table today. The pressure of visitors (the kids) was enough to push me into action, and now I can actually see my transceivers. Doesn’t mean any increase in activity (causation/correlation, again), but the possibility exists. Actually fun to find things that were lost in the haze. Maze. Whatever.

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14th August 2017

Better in a blue bag

Why don’t I start by showing you a photo that is whimsical. Can’t find a better word. Not sure who to credit for this; it came up on Twitter, but I’m willing to learn basic stained glass skills just to reproduce this in a more appropriate medium.

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7th August 2017

Should I get an artificial cat?

We have a cuckoo clock. Brought back as a souvenir from an European sojourn. Some years ago, the clock stopped; with it, the little bird that used to remind me how many more hours until morning was silenced. And a great calm covered my land. Today, I learned that a cousin will be coming to live with us. Should I get an artificial cat?

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5th August 2017

The right mix

Another Saturday night at the Rec Centre. With the right mix of people, and a lifetime of listening to odd facts, we managed to continue our (undefeated) run at Trivia. Won a bag of sour candies for my efforts, and the mandatory toonie. Guess that qualifies as breaking even. The dog, left to his own devices in the car, managed to lay down a layer of drool… just about everywhere. Might have to learn some detailing skills, as my training efforts have proven minimalist.

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29th July 2017

No mixing microbial strains, please

Based on the kitchen calendar, this is the final evening at the campground. I’m unsure; I’ve only stayed away from the house for that first evening. Trying to juggle five varieties of eye drops is too much for the generalized setting of a campground washroom. I already feel “under the weather”, in part due to the chemistry. No sense (from my viewpoint) of mixing in some new microbial strains. To those who want to watch the fire burn until bedtime… enjoy.

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26th July 2017

Masted morning

This morning, the map screen from the AIS antenna was filled with promise. Over by the point, the flotilla arrives. We saddled up with cameras and headed for the lighthouse, where fully six ships were in view at one time. Alas, light breezes meant that the sails were not on display, but seeing three-masted whatever off the buoy is a throwback to an earlier time.

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