12th April 2018

The suppertime playlist

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The dog might be smart enough to figure out which hand is holding a Milkbone, but when faced with two loaded fists, he’s helpless. That’s why we don’t send our pets to the higher seats of governance.

Tonight, we skipped our local kitchen and opted for a served meal in a local restaurant. What to do when faced with an empty room? Are they really open for business, if we don’t have to queue? The answer is yes, they are. We had our food orders, forthwith. And as an added plus, the background music was wonderful. Not a Nashville hit in the list. We took the time to thank the only person with us in the space, and she admitted that the choice of music (by some of the other employees) is not the greatest. We checked to find out when she would be on duty, but she let us know that she was there “most of the time”. Not a guideline.

Starting to notice that the boats are still in the yards, as we count down to Setting Day. It could be due to the lingering icepack. Or, there may be a rush to get down to the harbour, over the next few days. Moving a large vessel on the back of a float (truck term) tends to slow the local traffic. I have no place to go, so that’s not a hindrance, but it proves that I still have a lot to learn about the timetable of the fisher folk. Maybe I can go for some “traps on board” photos over the next couple of weeks.


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