11th April 2018

Turn the pages

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There’s something about a good book. Although I’ve joined the modern era and adopted an electronic reader, there’s still pleasure in the written word… one page at a time. If interrupted, I can set my story aside, take care of the immediate and then return without missing a beat. Try that with a movie in an expensive seat.

This afternoon, I decided to pick up something by Edward Marston. His staple is Victorian detective tales, and in this series, he uses the railroad as the glue. I like that. I’m not familiar with the Hansom cab. Running from A to B, on time, over routes that are still visible in Google Earth – that’s more like it. I’m not going to review the book (just yet), but with the need for my own daily routine, I can confirm the utility of a book-based platform.

Outside, my latest snow accumulation is melting away, nicely. Checked in with the kids, who are preparing for another winter storm. Son #1 is involved in the mechanics of keeping the roads open, and he confirmed that their forecast (graded in metric measure) calls for a possible 42 cm. In other words, they getting the winter we had around here three years back. I missed that one, while anticipating the arrival of my house.

Must get the final bit of money from the ATM and pay the man who kept my lane clear all this past season.

That about sums up the day. Nothing requiring me to call for a news team. Or a chapter in a good book.

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