10th April 2018

Doing stuff, sort of

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In a break with my usual schedule, I actually did some stuff today. Nothing that will restore world peace, or right the wrongs of a generation, but stuff. For example, I practiced rudiments. Look it up; I’m too busy to explain the simple words… And I upgraded firmware in a MIDI router. Not for the faint of heart! Waiting for all those tiny lights to flash was enough to send me for a nap. It didn’t; I still had stuff to do.

The dog helped, greatly, by adopting a “leave me outside for the day as the risk of a dog freezing is low”. I checked on him, occasionally, but he decided that he could warm the earth all by himself. You go for it! And around the house, I continued to put things in their place. Did you know that the famous “hot air” fryer is easier to clean than I had thought? Once I learned which button to push to disengage part A from part B.

There’s an exhibition of arts and crafts over at the Rec Centre. I am neither artistic nor crafty, so I stayed away. Not willing to stick out like a sore thumb among all those with inspiration. I considered dragging out my hooked mat from four decades back, but one shouldn’t upstage the neighbours when there are more important things to do around the house.

And now I’m getting ready for the end of an era. Tonight is the final Rick Mercer gong show; I could wait until Friday and watch the rerun, but this has importance, in the Canadian context. He proved to T.O. audiences that NL humour would sell, bigly.


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