9th April 2018

Following the details

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I love my local news telecast. Where else would I turn for these three stories, one following the other?

  • “No snap election call, says the premier”
  • “Provincial health plan does not cover colostomy supplies”.
  • “Local cheese plant to receive government funds for upgrades”.

Once the daily details are done, I return to Twitter, where the nuances of crazy governance are examined under a crowd-sourced loupe. Today, there’s intense interest in the detail that a lawyer’s office and residence were raided, this morning, seizing many (many) documents. Why is this pertinent? Well, the lawyer is the personal attorney to the sitting president (tweeting madly off in all directions while absorbing energy from cheeseburgers). All news is local, to someone. This story might reach beyond the pale.

It’s in the details. Having convinced a judge for the need of a search warrant, immediately, the team used staff from the state level, as presidential pardons don’t play in that park. Subtle.  I’m sure that all of this will form the background for a top movie script (or a season-long series on Netflix) in future. For now, I (and millions of others) get our details from anywhere we can, hopefully interpreted details. After all, who among us has the time to learn a whole other legal system?

I’m waiting for the next shift to start, on cable TV. The one with comedians. I need my daily does of political humour, and I’m hopeful for a head’s up before something terrible happens as a distraction. You know, global thermonuclear meltdown or something. I am but a spectator, and the stage is set for high drama.


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