8th April 2018

After careful consideration

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There’s satisfaction in shopping, even when no purchases are included. My experience only; yours may vary. Anyhow, after a couple of hours of watching pertinent YouTube videos, I’m going to put aside any impulsive buying of a 3D printer.

Why? Apart from the “don’t need and can’t afford” rationale, I’ve learned that everything comes with a learning curve. In the case of converting melted plastic into recognizable shapes, it seems like a process that remains highly experimental. Sure, I have seen actual extruded objects, thanks to the university and a couple of visits to retail outlets over the holidays. None demonstrated the parallel world of failed attempts. No piles of fine plastic resembling a mass of steel wool. Nothing lopsided. No unforeseen colour mixtures due to contamination. No odour of burnt plastic throughout the occupied areas of the home. In short, a perfect world.

The videos weren’t so kind. There are still serious shortcomings in firmware. Software is  bleeding edge. Materials aren’t available, locally, so anything ordered comes without the satisfaction of examination before the fact.

For now, I’ll wait and see. Wait, mainly. Nothing to see, here. I have friends that have made the plunge, so to speak, so if I ever get into visiting mode I can see how life goes for them. The two purchases of 3D printed stands (from eBay) went without mishap, and I saved the investment in a large piece of hardware by allowing other parties with deeper pockets to get things ready. In fact, until the need is pressing, let’s consider the delivery of a “robot” to be not likely.

My family tree database passed the 77K mark this evening.

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