13th April 2018

Understand (my) need to downsize

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Accepting that this is the right moment to “downsize” isn’t clear to me. When our freezer conked out, back before the end of the last year, I saw replacement as something easy. Natural. I now understand that we no longer need to store for the coming famine. Plus, it’s cold outside, so if the refrigerator fails, we’ll simply rely on nature. With that lesson learned, we almost went off to the city to purchase our replacement; however, it was too cold. Ironic. Or the whimsy of a springtime snow squall.

In fact, the stuff that fell, fast and furious, this morning, has all but disappeared. Maybe we can replan our shopping for tomorrow. Or another time. After all, aren’t we just a bit tired of the whole cold thing?

I’ve spent the evening, participating in the family tree research of a cousin to a cousin. Complicated? Only because the party of the second part lives a world away (for work reasons). We’ve never met, but we’ve shared archival impressions. Almost the same thing.

Should anyone ask you, there were two people with the same name and ALMOST the same date of birth, living in a small fishing village in NS in the mid-1800s. I’m going to wager that they were cousins, as their lineages are similar, but not identical. I’ve been back into the records for the last few hours, trying to sort it all out, and if all goes well, I’ll reprint my impressions before the end of the evening. Or as the other fellow says, early in the morning. A world away.


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