14th April 2018

The real signs of summer returning

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Busy day by my measure. I decided that joining a small circle of acquaintances for breakfast would be a change from routine; after all, the winter seclusion has to end eventually. Off at the appointed time and I even remembered to throw in a cash stop, so that I can pay my winter bill (snow throw).

In the restaurant, my usual additional order of bacon and a new face or two. Extra conversation with that protein bump, please. And when we’d covered the realpolitik and career choices to our satisfaction, best wishes and away. No extra baggage (beyond the mentioned dietary supplement).

On today’s do list, that purchase of a new freezer. I accepted that what we wanted would need to be ordered. That’s the nature of the local market. What we did do, having decided to downsize on the freezer, was add in a new refrigerator. Tiny. To be dedicated to cooling visitor beverages, because crushed ice is costly and melts away in the mad heat of summer. This was a better choice. It’s now in the basement, waiting however long you are supposed to wait before plugging in a compressor that has been subject to the laws of spring roadways.

With our shopping concluded, we hied off to Joanne’s place (not really the corporate name, but close enough) for a wonderful plateful of her meatloaf with a side of mustard pickles. Just what I needed.

On the way home, in daylight, before stopping for gas at the store which has returned to summer hours, we took note of the number of small boats tied in the various rivers. Trout season opens tomorrow morning; the locals are anxious.

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