15th April 2018

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I have a number of hobbies that are, simply, technical in nature. Nothing that others can’t handle. I mean, we accept that someone who wants to drive a car on a public highway has a minimum of experience, right? In my case, I put in a winter of driving around in small circles before passing a test.

Let me begin. While in university, I decided that SCUBA was something that I might like to do. More appealing than jumping out of an airplane (that was another option). And so I spent a winter in the local pool, and devoted a semester to weekly theory classes. I then underwent a series of practical examinations before anyone would permit me to stick a regulator mouthpiece between my teeth and push off into the depths. Logbooks, too.

Similarly, when I decided to involve myself in the pursuit of amateur radio, I did countless hours of technical study, not counting the other hurdle of learning Morse code. After passing a heavy duty exam in front of a government official, I was allowed a restricted number of privileges. I also had to log my activity, to the minute, for a full year. Round two of study, exams and more Morse code. With a real permit in hand, I was allowed to operate within international rules. More logbooks. The threat of losing my license for infractions. And now I’m old, and grey, and I have one final question.

What are gun owners belly aching about? Is it really that big a deal to let the local authorities know you could cause bodily harm (to yourself, and others)?


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