7th January 2018

Rally round, rounders

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The little book seems to have made big ripples in the swamp. Now almost through what should be the quiet period of a news cycle, and the “he said… no, he didn’t” chorus and response continues. Especially on network TV. The Wolff book has made a lot of the presidential team out to be less than gold, so the golden man himself is shouting back. Keep the popcorn coming; we’re early in the movie-to-be.

As a neighbour, I should just draw my blinds and turn up the mood music. Don’t need to see, hear or (above all) say anything. Not my circus. But how can I resist? After almost a decade of calm, the noise level has jumped dramatically. Not quite a year done in what already seems like a stint in the lower reaches of purgatory.

Let’s get back to what is important. Boy, it’s cold outside! Had to go for milk, this afternoon. Needed to dress warmly just to go to and from the car. Managed to “lose” my keys in the store, by putting my mitts on top (of them) at the cash and then searching all the pockets on my coat. I put that down to sub-zero wind freezing the front section of the brain. No other clients, so my reputation is probably safe. And outside, the roads were in motion. Fine powdery snow, moving to and fro… best to know where you are in the absence of other visual clues. I’m back home, glad that I shouldn’t have to sally forth until the middle of the week.

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