8th January 2018

Once burned twice shy

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The 2018 Golden Globes ceremony was on, last evening. A retrospective of the film and TV industry, along with some powerful social commentary. The only shadow, for me, was the “Oprah for President” whisper. Hey, haven’t you people just gone through the election of a media superstar? Do you think practice will improve the outcome?

I mean, maybe she IS the one. Able to read and write and carry a tune. It’s just that a good camera-face doesn’t qualify you for the most stressful job in your country. You tried this with Reagan. You’re living through the travails of a Trump. Is it really worth the risk that media stars aren’t always born to lead?

Back to regular programming.

Registration is underway, to receive a $25 “gift card” from a major food retailer. Penance for a price-fixing scheme. First of all, you already gave them the money. Now they’re offering you a pittance in the hope that you’ll forget their transgression. Let bygones be bygones, as the nuns used to tell us in grade school. Well, maybe. Explain to me, again, why you need my birth date and email address to issue the cards. No data mining intended? Right! Will I fill in the form? Maybe. I can come up with a one-time email address, and there are 365*80 plausible birth dates available to me. I just distrust you; once burned twice shy, as the nuns should have told us in grade school. Save on salve and bandages. Incidentally, can your gift card be used in the store pharmacy?

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