9th January 2018

As the sweater unravels

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To better understand what is happening in the long march to impeachment, I may have a reasonable analogy to offer up. Consider the whole process from “deciding to run” through “eating cheeseburgers in bed”. Slow; akin to knitting a big sweater with needles and balls of yarn.

Now, reverse the process. You catch a loop of wool on a protuding nail, and as you wander away the sweater goes from complete to strands. No use, really. Ready to be given to a cat to serve as an amusement. Well, over the last few days, I’m confident that the reverse has begun. The big unravel.

Today, Steve Bannon was disassociated from his beloved Breitbart (not adding the News qualifier, purposely). He’s already out of his place in the Oval Office. Now, he’s just another citizen with too much attitude. At the same time, the Senate Opposition release over 300 pages of testimony from some other key players (the better to lull us to sleep later this evening. A transcript, with a number for each line of text. Overkill, but when you need to indicate a particularly juicy tidbit to someone else, it makes the process into a simple game of countdown.

And there’s the thing. This isn’t going to happen overnight (darn it!), but the countdown has begun. Within a few weeks, the whole of the civilized world may be able to sleep more soundly. At least, if the Trump Express doesn’t derail, into a global meltdown. That’s what makes the story so important to people like me. To paraphrase a famous TV show, I want to “live long and prosper”.

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