6th January 2018

Waiting for the next minor giggle

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Witty responses abound on Twitter. When U-No-Hoo posted that he was a “stable genius”, earlier in the news cycle, someone retorted with  “so was Mister Ed”. Age bias apart (some of the younger ones in the crowd will miss the reference), it shows that we’re not out of the Great Satire Forest just yet.

And we carry on, waiting for the next minor giggle.

Try not to confuse sports with “sporting behavior”: the World Junior hockey championship has ended, and the gold went to Canada. The silver… more complicated. After the Swedish team received the silver medal, the captain threw (his? their?) medal into the crowd, saying that it was without value. Tell that to everyone else in the tournament, you dullard! Tell that to the parents who spent the best part of their life, in far too many cases, sitting in cold arenas while “you” were transformed into an international level player. Not much I can add.

Last evening, two planes collided on the tarmac at YYZ. A fender-bender, really, if aircraft had fenders (they don’t, for the main part). There was a small fire, and the passengers had to be evacuated. Here’s the catch. One plane had just arrived from Cancun, where folks go when they need a break from cold weather (apparently). And, assuming that debarkation would be through the airport, many were dressed for where they had been, not where they were going. I can only imagine that sliding down the emergency system, into -20C temperatures, served as a reminder that in Canada, we still “do winter”.

A special mention is required here: there were a number of people (addled by the cold air coming in) who insisted on retrieving their carry-on luggage from the overhead compartments.

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